When are we getting Legendary costumes?

Hope it comes with Valtan patch COPIUM

Edit; Added skins preview for both season 1 and 2 legendary skins


I would love to see some of the legendary skins… So I can wait till they arrive…
when they arrive…

Here are a few of them…

We definitely need more skins…


That Templar one… :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Yes… the Templar outfit looks very cool.

I have an Assassin as my main, and I really don’t like the Assassin Legendary skin at all.

legendary skin are “special” i think it will be after we get all classes, maybe with the release of the last.

Martial artist 3rd anniversary is the one I’m looking forward to most. ;u; Hope we get it soon.

We don’t need all classes to get legendary skins.

How KR server did was they release them for whatever classes they had at the moment and then when they release new classes, they just add legendary skin along with the classes.


If only that would happen here…

Martial Artist legendary skins :heart_eyes:

How it should be done. The waiting for other classes thing seems like bs.

not saying that what they should do but what they will probably do. (only prediction, based on my coffee this morning :wink: )

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Just note that Legendary Costumes are locked behind a very predatory, very RNG heavy, lootbox gate. It will be hated by the west.

AGS knows this…hopefully they will have a solution that doesn’t involve drip feeding them once a month over 10 years.

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i think AGS will recommend to remove the RNG part in CS, showing all the problem of “lootbox” in western media. And probably we will get them for high price

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“Should we release the bad-ass Mortal Kombat skin for the Martial Artist?”

“No of course not. Here, release the omen skin instead. Tailored for Blizz fanboys with 10 years old mentality”.

You can tell the Blizz fanboys because they’ve never seen decent character models in other MMOs. You can tell when you go to twitch chat and their jaw hits the floor every time a character is onscreen and the chat fills with “BOOBA”, “COCKA” and “wankge” emotes :roll_eyes:

Skins are cool but i wish we had like more normal looking skins. Give me Kadans outfit lol

Well… I only like the Omen skin for my Assassin… she looks fantastic in it.
I dont think the Omen skin suits the other classes at all.

Omen is just for Assassin really…

I really dont like the Assassin legendary skin… at all…

Omen Skin pretty good for my blue gunlancer, I like it. It’s subjective.

But yes, the assassin skin does show thighs, so its one of the few bottoms in the game that do this.

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When you equipping legendary skin there will be another slot show up for you to put whatever skin you like on top of that legendary skin so don’t worry :joy: