When Are We Getting Missing Content?

There is a whole bunch of content that should be in the game but isn’t.


  • Zagoras White Horse
  • Gellert Hoverboard
  • Lutteur Hoverboard
  • Sturm Hoverboard
  • Wild Blue Wolf
  • Tamed Red Wolf

All of these are achievement requirement mounts, but cannot be found in the game, anywhere that I have seen.

Why are there only 61 World Tree Leaves total, when the rewards go up to 72? We have 11 World Tree Leaves missing.

Oh, and for funsies just now checking it, it shows 61 total, but collection status on the lot says 10/12 for four, 9/12 for one and 10/13 for one. 5x12+13 = 73, yet the overall number I have collected is listed as 59/61

That math doesn’t add up even for a first grader.

Island souls:

  • Primal Island (the whole place is unfinished)
  • Possibly otehrs, because island soul rewards go up to 95, yet there are only 93 island souls in the game

dude im pretty sure these mounts come from daily una reputation cos im pretty sure i have 2 of the hoverboards and the blue wolf
in regards to the collectibles more then likely the content its tied to isnt out yet we have some meshed spliced build of the game that combines various parts of more up to date versions of the game that KR has

They don’t. I’ve finished all Uan’s tasks already some time ago.

The Blauer Vogel hoverboard is from the Una’s Daily on Facility X-301
You get one Hoverboard from Arthetine Adventure tome rewards.
Wolf of Vanity from the Shushire daily Wolf of Eternity
Shadow Wolf from rapport with Poppy
Red Wolf, the basic version is a random drop from Forpe.

The ones I listed are not in the game currently, and some of them, such as the Zagoras white horse, should have been available from West Luterra already (where Mount Zagoras is located). IIRC in the Korean version it can be purchased from a vendor there, for crying out loud.

So it’s a damn well appropriate question to ask when we are going to get the content they are advertising in the achievements list, but which is not in the game. Same thing with the world tree leaves, cause those are now showing the appropriate number in one place (which it didn’t previously) but not in others.

These are not exactly hard things to implement, because we’re not asking for new mechanics or anything, but stuff that is already in what they based all of this on. That they are missing is simply pure laziness or incompetence.

Can confirm wild blue wolf mount dropped from my chaos dungeon today.

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Seems also that some of the content I was asking about are rare appearances with random wandering merchants. Just now found the Ritter hoverboard on a sea mechant, the Plump Crab guild in North Vern. Just wish I knew what places to look for them


i know im late and you already figured this out but i just found 3 of those mounts (hoverboards) at traveling merchant ships. bought them all. should have been basic rewards while questing in arthetine though in my opinion. i assume they saw your post and added them recently because it was just this week i found them personally.

These are available since the last patch. Pretty much all other things will get added at some point in the future.

Patch notes had that covered.

  • plump crab Yorn
  • plump crab Vern
  • plump crab Arthetine
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This is an old post lol.