When are we getting the Knowledge Transfer QOL KR just got?

Hey if you didnt know KR version just got a knowledge transfer change which allows to use KT infinitely as long as you cleared the continent on one of your character. The KT is also instant as opposed to 8 hour right now.

I was wondering if maybe a CM could clarify if this is coming soon for us? Maybe with brel hard patch?


whats the difference between knowledge transfering to punika and a punika powerpass ?

KT to punika costs quite a bit of gold (~10k) and a few days time to do (if a new character). It also does NOT complete the side quests and only the MSQ. It also does NOT give teh gear and you have to level the prior gear up to the next continent.
New character
KT Vern - Costs 600, Takes 8 hours. Gains 302 Gear
Have to level 302 gear to 460 before you can KT Rohendel
KT Rohendel - Costs 1000?, Takes 8 hours
Have to level from 460 to 600 before you can KT Yorn
KT Yorn - Costs 1400?, Takes 8 hours
Have to farm up the 802 gear and level it to 960 before you can KT Feiton, etc etc.

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Basically it completes the MSQ , so u can enter higher lvl chaos dungeons, guardians are open to do em as long as u cleared the one before either by solo/matchmaking//carry/bus or even dispatch

so you cant transfer straight to punika?

No, each has to be done in order and you have to meet the gear level requirement each time.

No, every continent has an ivl requirement and you have to hone the character yourself to reach it. A knowledge transfer just skips the main story quest so you don’t spend hours clicking (shift+g).

For new players I wouldn’t recommend it, just because doing acts give you so much experience. For our version it would be nice intill you saw the gold cost. For many players that’s half their raids if they only have 1-3 characters. But you do save a ton of time. I would like it after hardbrel, 8 seconds for my lower alts that hasn’t completed anything is nice.

If anything early on, the Vern KT is ONLY 600g which is really cheap to skip the 1-50 grind which is the longest grind for a new character. All other continents only take roughly 2hrs (probably less now with the Shift G Skip feature). And each awards a VERY nice chunk of XP and some other rewards. Like South Vern gives a TON of card packs for the MSQ.

Plus using KT leaves the side quests intact and you can get pretty much nearly a full set of blue engravings each time from first continent side quests (theres a guide on it).

why wont they make complete side quests too? dumb game, imagine releasing 30+ classes, making roster system and then every new alt is starting at level 1 with nothing, a “powerpass” should be free for every new character you create, not cost a price of a game
“alt friendly” this is the most grindy and time disrespecting game ever made

Its a GOOD thing it doesn’t complete the side quests which allows you to farm up extra stuff later if you want. All KT does it complete the MSQ line of quests only. Why does it need to do the side quests. Theres a lot of bonus stuff for the alt if you go back and do the side quests.

And yet it IS alt friendly. I mean you can really get a 1445 alt in a few weeks these days. Nothing compared to before the honing buffs we’ve gotten where it was at least a week to get to the next continent.

It’s good that it doesn’t complete side quests, as a lot of side quests give very good rewards and roster xp as well.

Also Maplestory would like to have a word with you if you think this game isn’t alt friendly :')

I’m not sure, but are there any other games that can skip main quest if you want to create alts or give free progression without do anything?

not alt friendly at all

Then my friend, almost NO game is alt friendly then since most has you needing to level thru the main story fully and gear them up as well which in some games can take months. IN an MMO, a FEW weeks is a short time. MMO time is measured in Months, not days. If you didn’t know that then your in the wrong genre of games.
And with all of the powerpasses they give, you can have an alt ready in a single day.

In diablo immortal I can class change, I keep all my level and power, I get a starting gear (with no effects, that helps me start doing content), I can farm my legendary gear in few days, the only grind is the legendary set that takes some grinding

class changing is not an “alt” Its a single character. Misleading words are misleading.

its an alt since you can just bank your gear and switch back? doesnt matter really
stop defending this game
I know you played 1500 hours and have 3 1580 chars, but they are all supports
and you have a static that carrys you since day 1
so yeah you managed to get far with little time, but thats not the case for everyone

If you don’t like the game why are you still here then? you can just move on and continue play diablo. Why are you still lurking in the game that you don’t like? to complain? to tell people this game is bad? or to prevent new player come into the game because of your bad experience in the game?

Im telling the truth