When are we gonna get the tripod system change on KR server?

Hi @Roxx , could you please give us some more info on this? The new tripod system looks much better than the current one.

I don’t think they will tell us weeks/months in advance, because it will have a huge impact on the auction house.

My bet is that it will come like the honing buffs, surprise one day before the patch in the patch notes

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People already started preparing by saving them atleast. I wouldnt rely on AGS for reliable information since they are into surprises apparently.

kind of already did

We will be getting it, I don’t have an ETA on when yet, but what I do know so far is it will function as it does in Korea, as will the shift of skill tree inventory slots:

In this new system, skill tree effects will transfer to a character instead of equipment. We will share full details about this change when it comes to our game, but in the meantime we wanted players to be aware that the the new system will not require skill tree inventory slots. Any Royal Crystals used to purchase these slots will not be refunded when the system changes, as these inventory slots will instead shift to provide functional benefits in the new system. Please be aware of this if you are considering buying additional skill tree slots prior to this change.


The tripod change would be a perfect addition to the otherwise barren August update…

It’d sure make a lot of people happy…


spending crystal to unlock said inventory slots is 100% worth it if you can fill the slots with +4 tripod level of relevant skill.


That literally would be the worst possible decision made by them.

Even KR was given a month notice in advance to work on it.

I would legit quit the game if they don’t let us know decently in advance and just bring it up 1 day prior.


You know its coming just start collecting now and you wont have to care when they announce it :joy:

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That doesn’t matter. I’m not the only person who it helps.
Everyone in this game deserves to know well in advance a major change is coming to a core system of the game which btw accounts for a large chunk of your damage.

Why should I start working on it when the balance patch isn’t finalised and some of the tripods can change and be shafted? You see the problem? We don’t know when it’s coming.
What if it doesn’t come for months? What about it then? The money gets blocked for such a long time, maybe in those months I organically drop them from dungeons and hence don’t need to spend the pheons to buy them.
So many things could happen.
The players should be given ample time to make informed decisions just like they were in KR


On the other hand, do you know when can we expect Shadowhunter Demon Form change to come?


Why would she know? It hasn’t even come out of PTR yet.


I’m gonna take a wild guess that its gonna be mid “insert month” “insert year” yup anytime now.

A day before the patch, as is tradition

as long as they dont change the shadowface

Jokes on you

The new tripod system is already live in KR servers, and has been for a week or 2

Quick question, do we need to have tripods on gear saved in inventory tab too or can we use that inventory tab to save different tripods so in that case in new system we would have: tripods from gear we wearing + tripods saved in inventory tab 1 & 2?

Tripods on gear will not transfer to the new system. You need them saved in tripod storage. Only tripod storage will transfer to the new system.

KR gave ingame notices right up ur face about it to prepare accordingly for that update xD

Issue is WEST players cant read the ingame rolling banner :rofl:

Basically we need a short msg that you cant buypass, need to hit a checkbox then ok!
“New tripod system, read or lose all you tripods”.