When are we gonna get the tripod system change on KR server?

It’s like the global honing buffs. you’ll know the day before the patch.

Yeah did notice that lmao, idk why cant people take 30 seconds of their time when they first log in to see the rolling banner, then they come here to complain about something that were was a notice of xD

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We know it’s coming… just save them now lol

Also, even if they dropped it on is tomorrow, it would be a welcome and great change. The success chance doubled in Korea. Right now +4 is 5% and 10% with boost, it’s 10% and 20% with boost there.

Oh no, it’s easier to succeed, I’m quitting!!!

You do know 20% means still an 80% chance to fail?
7 pheons per item purchase
No pity system

Do you see how costly that is?
Not even counting the fact how much it might cost.

Just because you cant comprehend why knowing this in advance as to when its coming is important, doesnt mean its not.

It makes too much sense that’s why they aren’t doing it. They’d much rather have literally nothing for August for some reason.

Too late, I already have the library full with lvl 4 tripods bought with 100 gold each and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahah

That message was specifically for the guy above me talking about the shadowhunter’s new transformation. I just didn’t hit the reply button.

its This month relax.


This would be an amazing addition to the August update considering the positive feedback on it in KR and the fact that the August update basically has nothing besides a minor addition to strongholds… hint hint… :eyes: