When are we removing pheons from ability stone?

Because ability stone is the absolute worst loot box in the game since you need pheon to get the one you need than facet to get to 9-7 possibly.

It’s just barnon absolutely worst predatory system in the game. Remove pheon cost from buying ability stone

When we get legendary skins, which is never. lmao

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bro chill out you don’t need a 9 / 7 at all , i do agree that pheon is a dumb system on stone but please do not go for a 9/7 …

You’re right. Go for a 10-10-0

Cuz going for a 7 7 us pretty easy right?

spent 200pheons trying to get 6-6 stone for 3 of my alts

I’d rather it just scale to the cost. Same with gems. Cut down on all these RMT trades.

Bumping this, stone cutting is the biggest bullshit and most frustrating thing in this game imo. It goes beyond trying to cut a perfect 9/7 or 10/6 stone, you can spend 200+ pheons easy trying to get a 7/7 relic stone. Pheons are there to prevent flipping (which is a debatable topic in and of itself) but stones become untradable after the first player-to-player transaction. Knowing that unless you get lucky, it will statistically take you around 20 stones to get what you need, it’s complete BS for stones to cost pheons.

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Pheons on stones aren’t some oversight or mistake - its so that there is a increased demand for them which would require buying blue crystals & keeping spenders with a constant supply of gold.

When is it getting removed? This is AGS - never. They still have it in KR, must be a great source of revenue lul.