When are you going to ban those bots

ikr. I think we have a typical mindset for which class are typical bots so they are breaking the mold. Eventually all classes will end up as part of the bot army before the end.

Bruh, I couldn’t take a ss with PrtSc but tbh yes, it was the worst ss that I have taken

in that case i would highly suggest getting ShareX on steam for screenshots. it’s what i use and it’s very simple. you can choose the area you want to screenshot or screenshot the entire screen with it or record it even.

Aww, look at all those bunnies.

I’ll try it on, thanks for the advice tho

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you’re welcome! it’s very helpful cause you can also set it to what website it uploads the screenshots for you and give you link to them so all you need to do is just Ctrl V after you successfully get a screenshot.

they are ready to argos boiz @Maselbart , ags always give not that good solution and not bad either… but more better if ags can find real solution that’s not burden real player like attach phone number when using auction house i guess ( cuz on steam u can’t attach virtual phone number … need real phone number)

Well they have banned RMTers and bots to such a considerable degree it doesn’t have a macro level effect on the whole market again, which makes it a fixed problem for the most of us. Now those things are being caused by the 3-day holding period and new summer skins though… :rofl:

Argos is 1370 sir

I don’t understand why people hate that so much.

It’s like 2sec to take a picture of my screen and drag it to imgur or to a text message to someone. It’s not like you need super high fidelity to see most of what people are showing in these screenshots anyway.

So why do I want to take like the extra 30 seconds to crop or use windows capture or whatever and screw around what could be done in 2s? Over complicated for no meaningful benefit.

I’m not sure how you’re doing it but honestly it only takes me like 3 clicks to take a screenshot on any monitor on any overlay with just the basic Window’s Snipping tool. From there you can edit it or save it to any directory you want. It’s how I post so many weird edits and gifs on here.

Sorry lol, I’m done. I’m going on like 22 hours of no sleep right now. Forgive me.

I couldn’t take a normal screenshot and I wanted to take it ASAP

everytime you ask to ban bots they delay and dont ban for a week.