When are you guys selling your new mats?

As the title say, any market nerd who can share his wisdom? when do you guys think is the best time to sell the mats?

I got a bunch of honing shards ready to sell, but ultimately they look about average price right now on my server. Curious to know this too

the price will never go up
everyone knew they are going to be “expensive”, everyone push their characters to 1490, everyone save rest bonus, almost everyone are going to sell
so, the price you see now, its gonna be the price for ever

It was far overhyped. I mean just look at the fusion material price, its lower then expected despite fish doubling over the last week. There was far too much pre-preparation already that the top people just prepared a bunch before hand. And bralshaza limits it quite a bit already with how far you can push.

we can only sale 20 items per account per day now so be carefull.

Honestly the 20 limit shoulnd’t affect anything since bracelets are super rare and you SHOULD be selling the materials in a single stack instead of mulitple stacks.

@wartred @dragonmaster0283 so you guys don’t think it will spike in the next week or 2 when ppl get brel gear?

Na, not to the levels people were expecting. Since bral gear takes a good while to get. And it wont ever be more then 5x the value in the market due to the upgrade ability. If stones are 1g, the new ones will never jump beyond 5.

I’ve hit the limit already as a casual player. I had extra items like enhancement books that I saved for summoner but I will probably hit the limit again tomorrow when I put up the rest of the items.

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