When Artist comes to NA, I am deleting

My Reaper.

It wont even be a lopang alt ITS GETTING DELETED name freed up for artist to use.

My roster is getting too big and its my least geared character, it’s getting sent to the gulag when Artist comes out.

Going to boost Artist to ilvl1490 will be able to get into Brel, Calligos all other legion raids with minimal effort, the word gateekeping won’t even be in my vocabulary

LOAON is in a few hours they will be show casing Female zerk which I will 100% play that’s 11 character roster and they will showcase another character if it looks good 13 character roster I will be playing in 2024, Artist, Aeromancer, Fem zerk, new announced class (will edit this after loan)


More than anything I’m interested in what gameplay tweaks they are doing with Female Zerker. They’ve largely used the Gender swapped classes as a chance to improve some aspects of the class that people dislike while also exploring other gameplay styles. The thing is I don’t think Zerker has other gameplay styles with the toolkit they have. BT and Mayhem cover the 2 extremes of their identity so unless female zerker gets an entirely new identity I’m not sure what they can do.

I’m wondering if they make a version of Mayhem that is less all in on the buff. Maybe something closer to Hunger buff where they maintain mayhem buff as long as they are attacking but reducing the utility sides of the buff like the attack speed and movespeed. Or maybe making a Builder Spender version of Zerker where they generate meter and use it on a handfull of spells. Or maybe they make a version of Zerker that is all in on holding spells as having another class that uses all out attack might be fun.

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unfortunately i am a fan of big assets so I will not be deleting any char for artist

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Wait until you see the Amazon version of Artist before deleting.


Its another 8 months wait atleast when we get fem zerk. Its a generous estimate with how fcked up amazon is handling things. And thats if the game survives on top of that

Every gender swap so far


Share one engraving that is similar but works differently and another engraving that is completely brand new.

For example Striker Deathblow vs Wardancer First intention both very different
Both classes have the Esoteric engraving they are similar but they function differently, Striker one is better from a convenience point of view, it’s easier to use, flows better.

Berserker is the first class with an identity that is getting a gender swap, Gunslinger/Deadeye doesn’t have an identity it has a weapon swapping system.

Striker/Wardancer have a resource system with orbs, so you are right it will be interesting to see what they do with female zerk.

Going from their past class releases Striker, Sorceress, Artist, Aeromancer they are getting so much better at designing classes keeping current legion raids and future content in mind, it will obviously play so much better than current zerk and will have no the issues that male zerk currently face

I have 2 slots for artists, when another aero comes, I will delete the 1415 sorc, which I don’t want to play, but it’s a pity to delete

also have been waiting for an artist on our version for a very long time, I installed the ru client several times to play with her and make sure that this main and I want to transfer to her 100% :smiling_face_with_tear:

I would like to see the classic zerker approach, the more damage it takes, the stronger it gets. Instead of mayhem where you take the damage and get the buff right away, something more nuanced where you gain incremental buffs the lower your heath gets. That way its up to the player how greedy they want to go.

you mean bonus damage as a function of hp

Yeah and even outside of the engravings they make changes to some core spells also which will be interesting. Making Gunslingers 3 weapon build into a hitmaster class fixed so many complaints people had with Deadeyes 3 weapon build, and the engraving itself is just much more interesting than just getting blanket crit. I also feel like Strikers version of Esoteric flows a little better than Wardancers even if no one plays it.

I would be surprised if they took out the red dust window for example but I can see them removing some of the more annoying spells to use like Finish strike and Hellblade which are the spells I hear zerkers complain most about in regards to the lockout discussion. Or maybe they just take the red dust window out entirely and buff her spells all around to make a version of mayhem that feels better to play. Faster spells and no red dust window so smaller burst but more fluid gameplay kinda closer to a Tai Scrapper or Hunger Reaper.

There’s room to build off the zerker base so I’m looking forward to what they decide to do with it.

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My 1430 paladin, and two 1430 Bard, since february i wanted to have Artist being half of my roster and now i’m fucking burn out.


I dont have to delete any toon for the artist…

I am waiting for her and have a spot allocated already.

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you sure are committing yourself to another year of suffering atleast :smiley:

I hope there will be very little suffering.

idk i have this feeling that female zerk gonna come sooner, maybe im too high on hopium, but i have that feeling still :smiley:

Female zerker aint even out yet…


The Artist will be first…
But what shape will the artist be in? Will AGS change the way she looks?

that doesnt mean it wont be out until our anniversary which is probably feb something and it would create much bigger hype than the loli classes currently

idk i wouldnt mind if there was a grown up model to chose from tbh,these chibi things are not rly my type, but i doubt smilegate would put effort into remaking all that stuff, if anything i can see them just not releasing it if its a problem for them like bozo jar

I disagree… The Artist is the most ‘awaited’ class there is and ever will be.
The female zerker is only going to be popular with a few people.

There will be a horde of Artists in Lost Ark when she arrives. Some will stop playing her once the novelty wears off. But there will still be an army of Artist’s that will flood Arkesia.

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