When ban wave ? we want play this game clear

we still waiting for a huge ban wave before new content patch, can’t imagine the game with moore bot then players. rmt players think they will go unpunished because they use the game auction for transactions. it is possible not to see them.

in my point of view, those bots are saving the game

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I don’t know if they save the game, but the chinese ppl behind these bots are doing more than AGS :upside_down_face:

this is bot ark , the game belong to them you silly player

why do you think it’s Chinese ppl? trick guys appear everywhere in this world not only Chinese bro, *I am not Chinese btw.
Besides that, every player decided to use Bound material and sell tradable one, who is the ppl gonna buy your material? > my answer is “bots”

Why i think it’s chinese ppl ?

Reputation of these to bot on every popular game
Multiple video where they litteraly mock AGS & SG showing their botting
A chinese streaming website where most popular streamer on Lost ark were cheaters/botters.

You don’t need to be chinese to defend chinese people, don’t worry bro.

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“Saving” you say?

do they affect your gameplay?
For me, it’s not. The game is less boring when I am seeing bots run around me. We don’t have many players nowadays ^^

not my personal gameplay but if ppl quitting the game cause of them , this affect me too

I would expect bans with the big update next week. But really, how much does it matter? If they don’t come up with something new, the bots will always come back slowly.

You think doing a ban wave of bots is going to matter? There’s 500,000 throw away accounts ready to replace every one of them you ban ready to go right now. The damage has been done already.

They think so yes, these are the same players that thinks that the Exchange gets higher everyday cause of bots :joy:

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damn bro u delusional lmao

lol you are funny.

Bot Ark is cool tho, bots farm for us mats, so we can buy them from auction house KEKW

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