When can we expect the March Update? 2023

Based on in-game tooltips, most of my friends and I are predicting the 15th of March but some more clarification would be awesome.

@Roxx any update on this would be appreciated

They dont give hard dates. Haven’t in the past. Usually the info comes out the week prior with the notes coming the day prior.

Dates are only assumed due to expiration of events or items or the login calendar. But they dont provide dates.

You’ll find out 1-2 days before the patch hits.

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We’ll share the locked date once we get into March, giving players about a week heads up before the update.


in April

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Mid March :rofl:

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we will get the march updates on march 8th is what she means

Gonna be around 20+ so it’s gonna be almost as if it was april, who wants to bet? xD

Probably going to be the 15th, most likely

Yup current login bonuses end then unless it gets held up that’s most likely it

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how many times have we had a one week filler for log in rewards until a big updates get push out?

I too hope it doesn’t get delayed, but I won’t hold my breath

not many

thats :billed_cap:

not really, it really does not happen a lot.

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To add to this the login reward track end date and the end dates of events coincide with release dates over and over and over. the login thing ends on the 15th and so does the anniversary event. It’s pretty straight forward which is why it’s kinda funny that people ask on here, they pretty much tell us when the next update will happen at the beginning of every current one.

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If you were a gambler you’d be homeless lol. They’ve been right after login event ends for over 6 months now.

Reeeaally hope its 8th and not 15th

A few times but most of them were off the back of end of the month patches leading to only 3-4 weeks between those patches. Seeming feb patch was the 8th of feb because of anni it got a natural 5 week gap at least till the march update so if they were at all competent they wouldn’t need to delay the march patch past mid march.

The more dumb thing I saw from that reply was how they said “we will let you know a week before the patch” They used to give the reveals at the end of the month before the update and then the full news a day or 2 before the patch but I guess even 2 weeks was too much notice for them now so gotta be on 1 week duty. Luckily we can just rely on in game events/logins/items expiring to nail down a date seeming ags hate with a passion trying to give any advance notice at all. Small indie company though we can’t expect them to have things locked in over a week in advance impossible.

31st March 11.59 pm still a March tho… :joy: