When can we expect the roadmap for the next 2 patches?

Frist of all, the patch tomorrow is fk nice.
Finaly t1 t2 and 1340.1370 dead zone buff… New skins and a fun looking event.

But when will be the next roadmap? because I wana know the next class. So if its reaper I would use the punika power pass on my assassin :3
(You can use the power pass on a character even if the class is not released yet.

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isnt this kind of a waste? what if we get another free pass with the next class? 2 months wasted materials xd

anyway. roadmap should be released next week, if it works like the previous one.

The sooner the better but I’m going to assume it’ll be either 1st week of August, at the earliest, or 2nd week of August, at the latest. Set expectation low so you don’t get disappointed.

Fairly sure it was said end of July we would get told of what is to come.
Might be bit limited with a “2month roadmap” but it should tell us next class.

Also it could easily be delayed as is normal.

Aren’t powerpasses going up for sale in the shop?

I definitely wouldn’t bet on getting a free one with every class release if that’s the case. This was also stated by a CM anyway. That they aren’t guaranteed.

I would use it for the class you want even if it’s not released yet like you alluded to.

Personally since I have 0 trust in anything that’s been said by AGS employees…I’m going to use it on the scouter and just sit the gunner class in Trixion.

I’m even saving 1 level 50 powerpass since they don’t expire and for when we inevitably get suckered on a class release again.

Kr got with any class a pass, also with express a different pass that boost Chars without any quest needed xd so if we dont get that kinda shows more the greed

wonder what we get next month. isnt it too early for clown?
if we dont get clown in august, the month would be pretty boring huh? xd

“mid” August

Same with destroyer ppl going use pass express then ags will fuck ppl on next class

“closer to august”… 14th september is still “closer to august” than to october

August - Kakul Saydon
September - New Class + 1 thematic/seasonal event.

October - Brelshaza
November - New Class + 1 thematic/seasonal event.

Thats also true :c