When do Ice Blocks on Argon Island reset?

I have done all the scouring of the internet that I can to try to find any information related to this. Can anyone confirm the reset time?

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it’s not a fixed time, it’s a respawn timer (e.g.: like when killing a mob)

It seems that on US East servers, all statues respawned at 7PM EST. Putting this here for anyone who is curious. Not 100% sure if thats how it works.

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that’s useful to know. when is the daily reset on US east? we might be able to extrapolate other total reset times based on that

its 5AM EST

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well, its not 7am EST and its not 5am EST, WTF IS IT!? does it only reset once a week? the person or persons who came up with the idea of this island should be taken out back and beaten with a garden hose!


For Europe Central, i can confirm it’s 1 AM server time


seriously?! What even is this?! Eleven…So, you sail allll the way out there to find they aren’t reset, also, you can’t switch channels on that island for some reason to check to see if other channels have openings. ELEVEN. I wan’t to turn my face into confetti.

dude, 2 things:

1- thank you
2- who in the hell did this island reset only once a day, made that reset time and though it was fine to make it so painfull for everyone to get this token

found out its 7 PM EST…

well, should be put into the same bag as the guy who designed the sneaking dungeons in the game.

Any Updates on Reset Timer for EUC?

Its 7pm est did this few weeks ago


When I did the island it resetted 2 am CET in the night. You should check at 1 am though, the time might have changed