When do we usually get balance changes from KR?

Do we usually get them quick or do we wait till we get the latest content and then get the balance changes along with those basically same KR timeline?

Hard to tell, since the game doesn’t even have a year, but I’d say we get those 1 or 2 months after it is released on KR.

Usually QoL updates from KR come relatively fast here.

We received the Destroyer update with Valtan, before we caught up to the latest content. I am guessing we will get this balance patch with Kakul at the latest (I hope).

we might get it in the upcoming august update, but it’s much more likely we’ll get it in one of the september updates.

We don’t know for sure we can only speculate as there’s only been one balance patch we were live for. Last balance patch dropped in Late April for korea I believe. We ended up getting it in the May update.

That’s really fast…cool :smiley: