When do you go 5x3?

With the clown release, having more than 4x3 will basically become mandatory for anybody above 1475 iLvL, especially with the degree of gatekeeping we have. For somebody who’s been playing since day 1 it should not be a problem, but for somebody who is just getting close to clown’s item level on their main spending 150k+ on just the accessories is a pretty big investment. Are the prices expected to go down in the following 1-2 months? Would it be smart to go 5x3 now or wait for later?

What ever you prefer really, prices drop or go up when clown is about to hit
Its a investment for long term so i would say invest if you have the gold

Depends on the class.

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5x3 will be required more than likely for party finder but it’s not required to clear the raid. People can have 5 engravings and get out DPS by people running 4 so it really depends on how efficient people are.


if they release honing buff with clown to 1415 = every relict access will be more expensive

Well you need 5x3 for clown (if you dont have a static) and only use party finder. So yeah start saving up I guess. I am in a similar spot where I need to spend about 100k-200k for 5x3 lol.

Raid itself doesnt need 5x3, gatekeeping demands it tho

I need to spent 100k-200k on legendary engraving alone, yay

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Honestly It would be nice if they could like put the legendary accessoires boxes that you get from challenge guardian raid in the Event shop or something. That way we at least have a somewhat higher influx of accessoires.

On main I went for 5x3 on 3rd week of Valtan as that was when my static did first Hardmode.

All my “gold” characters are Paladins so as soon as new alt reaches ilvl 1415 they get 5x3 setup.

when you can afford it for the most part.

right now there are not enough books for everyone to be 5x3.

I was mostly talking about accessories and stones. Most classes can easily go 4x3 + class at lvl 2 and it will have more damage than 4x3 with class lvl3.

yes but to do 5x3 you need a 6-7 or 7-7 stone (or equievalent) and one to two full legendary engravings socketed.

and the books are far more expensive for most people. (class accessories and the necklace are the most expensive but you can find a cheap good necklace. its a matter of being patient for the right pieces)

for me its like 120k then bout 15-20k for my class accessory ring, then 10k for the last two items total. for a total of 25-30k plus the 120k for the books.

But i only play paladins so no one cares what their 5th is. So I mix in mostly non meta stuff to make gearing up extremely cheap like magick stream or ether predator. Plus you can have really good quality and do a full set for what would be less than one piece of meta gear. I geared up my 6th alt for less than 3k gold with all blue/purple quality and still have my main 4 engravings.

when I collected enough engravings book from drops.
never buy from market, only from drops, I don’t care if it takes forever
meanwhile others carry me

If people start to gatekeep the Clown because of 5x3 engravings, most of them will have serious problem to create group. There is not enough legendary books on the market and no sane person will spent more then 200K for them now. Plus you need to have all acessories on 5x3 which is very very expensive for some classes.

if we got 1415 global honing buff they would be cheaper but you guys got what you asked for

Unless each piece goes for 50k, yes, you should get 5x3 now.
I suggest you use spreadsheet to calculate the price, like what ATK does in his “zero to gigachad” series.

I think besides sorc, most class can get a pretty cheap 5x3 set by now.

Red gunlancer was 30k total in accessories 3rd week after valtan.

Scrapper that I just made was 20k in terms of accessories.

Class book is 100k that you will need to spend on majority of the classes. Grudge is cheap rn and a worthy investment if you plan to make multiple dps alts.

In KR:

2x3 => enought for Argos
3x3 => enought for Valtan Vykas NM
4x3 => enought for Vykas HM / Kaku
5x3 > Bresh :wink:

But EU version is rushing so fast so people ask 4x3 for valtan to carry the lack of skill by more dps that all…