When does lance master release?

I’m not trying to say it needs to be out tomorrow or something like that. It’s gonna come out when they are ready, I’m just asking because I’m getting the feeling it’s not the 14th like everyone thought. Because if it were the 14th wouldn’t they have announced it already? It would be kinda scummy to release it without notice like they did with Argos. What are your thoughts?

They’ve announced pretty much everything at the last second before patch so i wouldn’t say that is much indication of anything, i would definitely bet on it being the 14th personally but we don’t know for sure.

It’s going to be the 14th or 21st. Really depends on if they want to give a weeks worth of event materials to them or not really.

I’d lean towards the 14th though, just because it seems like the grand prix event, or at least it’s rewards were purposefully extended.