When does soulfist ‘feel’ good?

Hello all!

I have a 460 alt soulfist that I have not touched them for roughly a month and I’m curious when does the class start to feel powerful / have that umph to become a contributing factor in guardian raids / abyss dungeons?

Also what class engraving relates to what kind of play style?

My main is 1415 with a 1370 and 3x1340 alts. I have all skill potions except rohendel and ignea tokens. I have legend/epic wealth runes and the convention judgement epic runes.

Any thoughts/ tips would be appreciated!

At 1415.

I fully understand what you are asking. Soulfist has felt incredibly underpowered basically through the entire process of playing and gearing here. It’s only after 1370 and a 3x3+2 she felt even “playable” in groups. Now at 1390 with argos set to FINALLY get crit rate up to a tolerable amount (along with adrenaline) on robust spirit she feels “ok”. Dramatically less damage than an equally geared sorc or zerker and harder to play…but feels somewhat fun to combo off


uhm, assuming you are talking about robust spirit build, you wont “feel good” when your identity is on cooldown cuz it just feels slow and clunky with no dmg, my sf is at 1400ish spec right now and that means my cd is at 18ish seconds, with 20 seconds of level 3 identity uptime, as you get higher spec and the downtime is reduced it’ll start to feel better but i guess at which specific point would depend on the individual player. if the identity downtime is within 1 rotation of my dps skills then i would think it feels smooth and good, but i am not quite there yet

energy overflow always feels good to play for me, since your character moves fast and you get to feel more active all the time by pressing more buttons, its just that the dmg feels kinda meh for me. i think it’s might be because of insufficient uptime on my dmg self buff tho?

when you start seeing soulfists getting mvps in your group on your main XD

I have yet to reach that point. I am honestly suprised at how easy the game is when i play my gunlancer and my sorc. My soulfist is 1400 with 4x3, all skillpoints and only epic and legendary runes. Yet if i play here i have to play to the fullest extend to even get an upright fighter. With Grudge, Keen Blunt, Precise Dagger and Robust Spirit at Level 3, the biggest crit ive seen is 25millilon on Argos Phase 3. Meanwhile my friend plays a Surge DB and can try for a 8-12 million crit every 30-40 Seconds. I get MVP on my Gunlancer with just Combat Readyness, Expert and Barricade more often. Igniter Sorc is just a joke in comparisson. Like the difference in difficulty is night and day. I am still hoping that relic gear will make things better and that they will buff her, but at the moment other classes just feel much better. The awekening should hit much harder, but unfortunately that seems to have been a balance Problem in the past.

I love the classes identity. That right there sold me on main status.

That said, her engravings are totally different and both viable. So I can vouch for SF on the variety front.

However, she does not play very “fluid”. Each of her abilities feels like its own thing. They are all impactful but I wish the class was more of a fighter than it is a mage.

Very helpful comments, Thank you all!

I am at 1428, i did argos at 1420ish my biggest ult cit has been 29 mil - 33mil in argos but i felt like it was a once in a life time exp. i have her with awakening rob spt and grudge. I honestly feel she lacks so much damage.

It depends, Energy Overflow is good from early tiers to mid tier 3. Robust Spirit on the other hand doesnt feel good yet even at 1415, when we get relic gear though that should change.

If Soulfist is only your alt it’s probably just another Lopang alt. Soulfist will take a lot of investment to actually feel good, at around 1800 spec Hype is only on a 10 second cooldown and I’m at 1400 spec which is about an 19-19 sec cooldown

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My 1400 Rubust spirit feels ok. 20-30million damage awakenings and 6-10mllion per rotation it is not a top dps class but I get mvp most the time on abyssals/argos. If a high skilled and properly geared berseker/deathblade/sorc is in the raid the chance of getting mvp is 0 but we getting buffs and they getting nerfs so things start to look great after 1370.

Much like a boat. The day you get it and the day you get rid of it. It’s hell the rest of the time. I have one as alt at 1370 and I use it only for Argos, Hard Oreha, Chaos and Guardians. It’s squishy as hell, decent damage, but very annoying downtime on her skills. I recommend a stack of like 200 time stops, because if you can’t dodge something, she’s dead.

too punishing if u miss too much of hype 3. knock downs, staggered, boss running, during a mechanic phase where u cant attack. or the boss moving location.

Soulfist will never feel good compared to the top tier classes, because the class is mid tier at best.

Play energy overflow and big kame awakening. Once u got a ton of swiftness it will start to feel good. I just hate that almost none of ur ranged energy skill are viable. Energy blast like needs like 300% the damage it does now.

If you play pvp she will always feel pretty good :+1:

Other than that eeeeeeehhhh just git gud and gear up i suppose…

Feels really good at 1340

3x robust Spirit, 3x precise dagger, 2x adrenaline (or cursed doll upto you) ; I’ve gone with adrenaline

Can mvp most of the time at guardians or fights which allow me to ulti twice, especially if one crits haha

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