When I talk to non gamers about games now days

How we get packages we pay TONS for alphas, betas, pre orders, monthly fees, in game store, ridiculous ques months into the game, weekly downtimes, often extra, unable to contact support to get answers, etc etc… And then explain this is just games now days…

Every single person has the EXACT same response.

Thats not legal…

Well in gaming, apparently it is…

This whole fucking industry needs to get regulated real real bad…

Gamers, please stop letting these guys put the blame on you and accepting this as the standard. This is there problem, not ours. They have already made 10s of MILLIONS IN PROFITS.

The game has been out for years in other country’s. There is simply no excuse for this level of incompetence and flat out ignoring of what needs to be done. I could massively fix there main issue by hiring ONE person.

But they dont…


Tell me you don’t work in tech without telling me you don’t work in tech…

With that said I agree with whole “closed alpha that you pay for” “closed beta” “open alpha” bollocks needs to stop in the industry…


An active, daily, working, all access, Community manager.

Good try though.

So yes; not working in tech working beside tech


I dont know how anyone is having tech issues in 2022 with a game thats been out in two other countrys for years and in this one for almost 3.

No i dont work in tech, but I manage tech guys and I can tell you right now if problems persisted like this in any business ive worked we would be hiring new tech guys.

I mean skyrim’s been out 11 years and still has massive technical issues…

Perhaps your project is a lot more simple or you have a head of department that “translates” the issues for you so you can understand the gravity of them.

You mention that having weekly maintenance is unacceptable; You I assume don’t run any self-hosted SaaS projects or you’d know that it’s a LOT cheaper and easier for everyone to do a scheduled weekly maintenance rather than emergency repairs.

Hard drive shows signs of failure; replace it on the allocated time, rather than “Oh no prime time the entire server’s down” or “Everything seems to be running really slow, I wonder if we should reindex our database since it’s got millions of extra data items in it and hundreds of tuple structure changes, but we don’t have weekly time for that we’ll let it grind to a halt”

I hope that you’re just frustrated and your management style isn’t the type that thinks three women can have a baby in three months…

Why are there issues with the game? First off, the code is forked because we’re getting a gutted version of the game. Second, we don’t have the verification system (akin to SSN) that KR does which is making the bot situation unbearable. Please stop pretending you could fix this game like waving a magic wand. It’s embarrassing for you.

Its not actually embarrassing for me at all.

For one, I never said weekly maintenance is unacceptable. I said when I explain all the ins and outs of gaming now days and listed of the things we deal with as paying customers in a world full of regulated markets.

A community manager would absolutely fix the majority of issues as these forums clearly show.

I work for a company that’s almost strictly tech based, and bigger then amazon.

We all know for a fact this has been dealt with like crap since the start. Even the head of smilegate thinks so.

Im not sure what your motivation is here with me, but ill leave you with that.

Way to gloss over all of my post except for the embarrassing part.

Which was what?


Is it State Grid? Because there are only 2 companies currently bigger than Amazon, one is State Grid one is Walmart…

Depends on metric I guess; if we’re going on employees then it’s only Walmart…
Revenue and net worth it’s 2

Edit: because I know what the reply is about to be Profit and size are not the same. A more profitable company (For example Apple) isn’t bigger than Amazon just because it made more profit; less employees, less real estate, less turnover = smaller.

Really, lol, ok then. Well, I work for neither and am done arguing with stupid.

You don’t think a fulltime all access community manager that speaks with the community daily is the #1 fix right now. Fine, but you are not going to convince me you know better or that I should be embarrassed by saying so.

I get hired by big company’s to fix problems. This is absolutely what’s needed. End of story.

So you’re a a BI/BA? Not a tech person at all?

I clearly stated I am not a tech person. I manage teams, some of those teams have tech teams.

Im looking at much bigger picture here guys and girls. Tech is not an issue nor should it be one and if it is one, I would definitely be firing people at this point.

No where did I state there was a tech issue in what I suggested should be the main fix at the moment.

They look very tech problemy to me…In fact the queue issue was specifically address as a technical limitation due to the architecture.

Weekly downtimes are a technical requirement to have large scale servers running smoothly without business impact.

You guys like to pick things out of lists eh. Read that whole sentence and try grasp what im saying please. Start with the title of the post.

People on these forums just here to do nothing but argue with others only confirms my statement more.

Im done here, thanks!

Sorry I must have misunderstood, when you said that you tell non-gamers about weekly downtimes and queues they seem to say it’s not legal?

Or are we just adding random flavour since;

don’t apply here

nobody would say “that must be illegal” this is literally normal business practice for a service

isn’t the case here, in fact there’s a ticket system you can use on Amazon’s website as well as the community forum.

The amount in your post that doesn’t apply to this site; or is flat out made up to add fluff makes me have zero doubt that you are a project manager.

lol, dude, wow… Your not winning anything here. You missed the point of almost everything and took it down what ever road you felt like to feel smart or better or whatever the fuck this is.

Please carry on.

I’m so much bigger then a project manager. Good luck my friend!

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