When is AGS going to take the bot issue seriously?

First of all, I’m not looking for a rote response from a cm staff that says something on the lines of “O yea we are totally taking this seriously”.

I am asking if there is ever going to be an actual, meaningful difference in the way bots are being handled. Over the past year, AGS, you have done nothing but implement incredibly amateur “solutions” to stop bots. And by “solutions”, that is in quotes because not only did they not work at all, but they shitified this game by adding multiple layers of unbelievable annoyance to real players.

I am currently in punika. There’s bots everywhere. They’re swarmed on the storage npc. They’re swarmed on the chaos dungeon statue. They’re swarmed on the abyssal dungeon statue. They’re the only things that have been making cube groups in party finder, they’re the only ones afk advertising gold in abyssal dungeon finder… they literally everywhere and it’s been like this for MONTHS. In plain sight. Reports doing absolutely nothing.

To me as a player, it doesn’t look like AGS is even trying. And then they have the audacity to try and publish yet ANOTHER mmo (blue protocol)… almost as if you guys think you are handling your existing mmos smoothly (hint: you’re not. at all).

edit: oh right I forgot the part where AGS cheaped out and decided to use EAC… the most useless cheat detection program


Every mmo game I have played and encounter they take it seriously cause it is affecting a lot of things. AGS/SG could’ve have more money in their back pocket but everything goes to a third party. Everything they do will hinder players gameplay experience w/o trying to. There is no other way to stop bots when it is a free to play game, which is a few clicks of a button and a new account is made.

So there was a large ban was just now. Why does this process take months because the bots are coming back in days.



never cause they can flex in steam charts with high player number

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I like how they wait for bots to completely destroy the economy for weeks and then do a ban wave. Like okay, sure taught the southeast Asian dude a lesson after he already sold thousands of dollars of gold. Surely there’s no incentive to literally turn the scripts right back on.

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I think this is the first time since like forever they did a ban wave that actually happened. I can’t remember when was the last time the playerbase dropped so hard (from 340k to 80k) except for the usual wednesday maint day.

So I was right, there is around 80k legit players, and 250k+ bots having fun in the game.

I’m speechless…

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They should just put server lock & market lock for newly created account regardless of trusted status for at least a month and be done with it.

Sure, new player don’t want to play in new server. But, in the long run it will be better for the player that are staying and more likely to spend money anyway. And maybe in the future they can make server transfer possible for those new player too.

Unless AGS just don’t care and trying to get as much money as they can before the game is dead.

Nope. There are less than 80k player. I hardly doubt they hit every single bot in this game. I would say its around 60k. The last Botbanwave was months ago, but there we also got around 80-100k player.

Locking server will kill the game.

There are other solutions for it.
Bots at all are not the problem. The impact on economy surely is. Lower their impact on gold sources and we can coexist with these robots.

What do you mean by the title OP ??! Didn’t you see they (AGS) were busy & successfully banning “bots” all days, weeks, months long. Check the Support Section dated back monthssssssss ago … player got region blocked from their Region and was routed to SA Region instead, plus they weren’t able to join servers in SA Region. Plus check the steam charts, LA currently over the top flooding with new players yoooooo.

By the way i’m one of them “bot” … i just realised that days ago :face_with_monocle:

Remember that in EU its 10 AM at the moment, so majority of the players from EU are at school/work. So it’s safe to say the playerbase might be even a bit higher. I’d round it up between 70k to 100k tops.

Yeah but also the americans are going to sleep right now and were awake till now. Time zones make it a bit hard to be accurate in our assumptions tbh.

Yep, but I bet we aren’t that far from actual numbers! :smiley:

Now, I wonder, how fast will it be before the bots come back. A day? Two?

Ahh, so exciting…

As far as I remember it has always been this way. We will also continue to bleed players as AGS implements more “genius solutions”

Think about the past couple of months and it’s pretty clear player sentiment is down. As a human player:

  • You have been experiencing disconnects since Thanksgiving (ish?) while they keep “working on it”. I’ve both lost and have seen people losing chances to buy Raid boxes or disconnecting on a Tuesday and losing any chance at a refund ticket. This also includes Brel boxes which stunt your growth or force you to have to shell out early week gold for the bid box.

  • You can’t buy anything in the AH without clicking 3-4 extra times, and even if you got results good luck getting to Page 3 of 7 and actually loading results.

  • You are rate limited, and can’t buy stuff like Blue Guardian Stones without literally sitting there and suffering while you type 999 only to get 57 stacks and have to start all over again. Then you contemplate uninstalling when some dickhead lists, say, Fish for 1 gold less than Market price, but because it gets snatched up before you hit Buy, you get nothing AND rate limited.

  • You watched them hand out Pheons by accident, take down the game frantically to take those Pheons away from you, only to be too dumb to do so, so they backtracked. But then you found out they straight up lied, then re-backtracked and it took the entire community up in arms to finally even out. When the best part of the whole situation is that the original Mail intended to inform players about an upcoming Tripod update got fucking deleted. LMAO

The weight of these decisions and outcomes will continue to impact the real players, however many are left anyways.

Exactly. Can’t wait for the next bot banwave. Will we be on 60k then? Or maybe 40k? Should we take bets?

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Yes, I mean the next banwave, after the banwave today

I also bet on another 10-20k before I have the real number of players.