When is Argos gonna be released?

@Roxx We have seen the March update post but there was no mention of when the content will be released. We don’t know whether it will be in 1st week of March or the last week of March.

Also since the minimum entry requirement for Argos is ilvl 1370, will there be a honing buff? Or you going to delay the Argos Dungeon to next month, cause very few people will be ilvl 1370.

@Roxx Can you please clear these things cause lot of players want to know if they need to stockpile and save there honing materials. A rough estimation also would be helpful for us.

They did not say yet. Just “stay tuned.”

In other regions, content releases and store updates are done the day after the login reward ends. So, for us, that’s the 10th when it ends, so my suspicions are on the 11th.

Just because they release something new, does not mean that everyone needs to be able to complete it. It’s there for people who are ready. If you are not… then you continue your grind.


I hope it’s mid to late March and it’s looking like it by this point. Mid to late March to get 1370 so most people can experience it looks feasible for people already in T3. Honing rates being boosted up also could be a great way to get more people to T3 as well.

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i wish they can debunk the buff honing rates or confirm it… (also cause im stockpiling and everyday i notice how many raw materials i have i can transform in gold is hard to resist lol))

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Our Log in rewards Ended Yesterday. You must’ve missed some days if you’re still getting them.

Probably because you’re on a starter server.
I’m at day 21 atm, the calendar event is going to be up until 03/10

Argos been out for donkey years, what are you on about OP?


Yes the urge is hard to resist. I don’t wanna wait and sell later for a lower price…

I mean like only 2% of people are in T3, and maybe ig a couple 1000 across all servers are at 1370? I think it would be hard to find other players at 1370 cause there are very few of them right now.

Haha Argos abyss dungeon is what I mean

As Rizzter pointed out to you, and I thought obvious… The login event continues to 3/10, regardless of whether you got them all… or not.

So like I said, the 11th will be the new stuff.

And in another week, there will be enough at 1370 to do it. And some people will be motivated to try harder. And everyone else will cry for a bit in a tantrum, wailing and screaming on the floor. And maybe, you’ll get your way. Or maybe, they’ll just let you cry it out until you fall asleep. I bet it’s the latter.

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Okay calm down Polly

Dont release Argos fast, let me catch up to you guys on T3, im stuck at T2 for 23 days, just wait dont rush please amazon, i have learning disiablity its not fair, push it until may or june, let me hit T3 before argos