When is EU finally gonna get normal server quality?

So, as many of the EU boys on the forums know, logging in is almost impossible, but the suffering doesn’t end there! If you patiently waited the 4-8 hour queue and get in game, you can’t even party up. The servers are slow when it comes to responsibility, queuing in party finder is so slow, and if you manage to get into a party it can just randomly consume your dungeon entry and kick you out of the dungeon. And the question I have is will you be kind enough to return that dungeon entry to my character, so that I can complete the weekly content I couldn’t even enter? :slight_smile:

They have already posted about this and when it’s going to happen. They are making a new region EU WEST it should be done before the end of the month

I know about that, still doesn’t help my situation tho? Also what are people supposed to do until then? Just deal with the queues and lag? I think most people will just quit and don’t bother.

What do you think they can do without adding servers? Kick people off so you personally can get on? I don’t know what you expect to get out of a post like this. They have already said they are spinning up an entire new region for EU to fix the issues.