When is next patch

just wondering when is next patch?

and just wondering what kind of surprises we probably will get?
maybe a certain guardian will be nerf?
maybe some velganos?
peace out

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stop spamming the forum with Velganos stuff, please. Write one good quality feedback post, and re-bump it if you want instead of keep raging and arguing with other users and creating lots of topics about the same guardian, there are already hundreds, you don’t need more


If he can’t veganos and only does pve, maybe that’s a hint this game is not for him.


thk u for been so respectful. and answer my question.

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The information have already been stated in the August - September roadmap:

The second part of the September update should arrive on the 28th, so next week.

Also, Velganos is Velganos. You can’t nerf it. It is the PVE endgame passport. Do your best to beat it solo at least once and you’ll be set for the rest of the content.

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wait no buffs in residentsleeper content, or nerf to overpower ridiculous content?
only skins and skins?
this must be the first game ever to not touch nothing in their gameplay.

bro, time to go. peace out.

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What did the poor little velganos do to make you post so much hate towards him? As stated last time already: Give me a hint on which region you play, if you are on EUC I can gladly show you the mechanics and how he is easily killed. Even with ilvl 1385 as melee

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don’t waste time, seriously, check his profile, 5 of 6 post at least are about nerfing Velganos.


i only play PVE since this is PVE focus game. i just want to share it. :v: i did pvp once and that’s pre-made lobby with friends :joy:


I would like to know when was the patch that facilitates the rise without gold up to 1370, but as a gift they give you argos minimum 1385. Right now I just melted into the main everything, and I would not like to find myself surprised that suddenly no I can get gold without adding more gold to the alt until 1385, which is said soon, it’s 3 touches to everything.

the patch is wednesday
the surprise is it will be delayed


We receive the nerfed versions of content already. Just practice them and you’re good to go.
There’s clown raid, accessible from ilvl 1385 (Rehearsal).
There’s a new transformation class (Scouter).
There’re server merges.
And that’s only what they mentioned in the roadmap. Just wait for the patch notes, there might be more stuff coming like QoL and other events to help you progress.

There’s nothing to touch on gameplay as we’re receiving the content already released year/months ago in the KR server. Actually, we’re receiving the content after nerf. If you’re struggling then it means you need to practice more. There’s no rocket science. I haven’t completed Velganos yet. Yet that doesn’t mean it is impossible to complete. Just practice more, and you’re done.

The only thing the West can send valuable feedback to SG through AGS is QoL features and bugs/exploits. The structural side of the game will still remain on KR.

And skins are always good :smiley:

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This made me laugh. But it’s pain, because it will likely come true.

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velganos is harder than valtan and vykas :cry:


except that they mentioned before specifically that there won’t be any passes or progression events with scouter release, sadge

i take back my earlier comment, the patch is the 28th, tomorrow doesn’t count as its full of nothing.

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how was your 1 day vacation?

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They did but maybe they are reconsidering. I hope so.
Since they are “looking into some special progression events to help players level up and face the Demon Legion Commanders and other Tier 3 end-game threats”
Special progression events, Legion Commanders, other end-game threats… all sounds like another express event of some sort.

It is not bro. Hard yes, but not harder.

Indeed, there won’t be any power pass nor express event. Yet you still have the guardian event and any seasonal event they will decided to implement. It’s not too much to take a character to ilvl 1415/1460 as soon as possible, yeah. But hey, it’s something. Sadge as well.