When is the in-game market will be back to normal?

i have played on Russian and KR and the market is very good many things to buy and yes i would pay to make things faster why ? cuz i dont have time to farm while working and watching the kids so i have small amount of time and i would like to pay to get things done but i was shocked that there is nothing in the market i thought maybe because they dont want any p2w adv in the start and maybe later items will flow in the market but

can someone have an idea when the items will start to flow in our market like Russ and KR

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Are you talking about the Mari shop? If so it is currently bugged, it was working a few days ago.

If you suppose the combat items that were tradable before, and now are not, I was surprised too. I don’t know how amazon intends that these items are simply crafted and used for personal consumption, that is, if I don’t like to farm plants, I can’t create the plants

At the moment there are a lot of people willing to spend a lot more than what items are worth to boost as fast as possible, so people are selling at much higher prices.

Once the whales have their items the market will stabilize.

no am asking about the mats like gems and shards and stones i buy from the market with royal crystals and real money and cards also