When is the Lost Ark API coming? An extensive look into the API and it's current implementation status

I would like to preface this by saying: if we want the API, we will need to provide feedback. If anyone currently reading is even the slightest bit interested in the huge QOL that is the API, please leave a comment and let the CM’s know how great the demand is for this. If not this post, please consider making your own or replying to others. Thank you very much.

Even if it’s not the API in it’s full implementation, we should at least get the auction house API soon. With all the new 1370’s and influx of materials in the game, demand for accessories is extremely high. People are holding off on buying proper accessories for their fresh 1370’s because they can’t be bothered. As most active players have experienced, running night fox yoho with 3 rainbow 1370’s is a struggle. If we had the auction house API, anyone could quickly and efficiently gear up an alt or even their main for a reasonable price. Zeals made a video on this a while back and ever since people have been constantly asking for the API:

Other forum posts have been made but only one or two have remained active, with people still showing that we would love to have the API as it would be a huge QOL improvement, probably the best one to date.

In this forum thread @Roxx responded saying that “We’re potentially open to it if there’s enough feedback, but it’s not in our current plans atm”. It’s been months since this was initially requested, and over 350+ replies to that post and numerous others:

In the most recent response we have received about the possibility of an API being implemented, @Roxx stated that “It is not a part of the current plans that I am aware of. If this changes, we will let players know.” She said this on June 3rd, and there has been no communication about this since, even though there has been a large amount of feedback provided and detailing just how important and helpful this QOL would be:

There have been numerous other threads asking for the API:

And many, many more, but I’ll refrain from listing all of them as to not drag them on.
One forum post specifically caught my attention because the poster @civo explained what the API would allow in detail. Quoting from his forum post,




로스트아크 최적화 계산기 - 각인, 트포, 재련, 세공

-Contains many tools like engravings/tripod calculator.
-Can search market for whatever you need finding you the best price/loadout that you desire.

-Public ladder of all classes players
-Allows you to see a player’s: Skills, Tripods, Gems, Set Bonus, Cards, etc etc essentially as useful as ingame character profile however can be shared easily for people to learn from each other and give advice.
-Shows full roster of players and guild.
-Mari shop live integration with value calculation based on market.
-Statistic breakdowns of class popularity, skill popularity, etc.




LostArk third-party tools

-Checklist integrated with API
-Pulls all of your characters/shows events
-Makes it very easy to know what you did/didn’t do for the day. (Gets phased out a bit due to QoL changes but some users still use this)

We can see just how helpful this QOL addition would be. Not only would it allow users to use the auction house much more efficiently, it would also allow for other tools that the koreans have to also be usable in NA/EU, such as the armory, LOAWA, and the checklist, BynnArk, which might not have much use anymore because of the in-game checklist, but would definitely find use nonetheless.

There has also been demand for the API on other platforms such as Reddit, where this post received over 1000 upvotes and 100 comments.

There are some people who believe that the addition of the auction house API would be harmful, promoting snipers to instantly buy good accessories for cheap and then resell them. This, however, already happens, even without the API. Without the API, people have to scour the auction house for accessories that perfectly match the build they’re going for. This has taken me numerous hours across my roster. I would love to cut down the amount of time I’m spending searching and refreshing the auction house constantly, and instead spend that time progressing in the game more meaningfully.

Hopefully @Roxx sees this post and acknowledges our feedback. We have shown that we would love to have the API implemented or at least the auction house part of it. There is already some part of an API working to make the Twitch Armory Extension possible, although it is private. Hopefully they can spare the time to include this QOL soon, or at least let us know when it might come. For now, the best we can do is keep providing feedback, and keep showing our interest so that hopefully they might acknowledge just how highly requested this QOL would be. If anyone is interested in the implementation of the API, please respond to this post, or show your interest/provide your feedback through other methods. Thank you for reading, I hope this is seen and taken into consideration.


API’s for AH and Armory/Character profiles would be a benefit to the game for many people, it potentially makes is quicker and easier to get a build together that works with the currently available items available and would be a move away from an archaic system of notepads and spreadsheets, which makes it feel like we’re back in 1985 currently.

Not having API’s available for use is odd and a little backwards, lets make things as difficult as possible for people.


We had no idea you wanted the public api🙃


Very well explained and researched post, hopefully we get it as soon as possible. Thanks for your effort mate.


An API woukd definitely be a great addition to the game and allow for more user created tools to aid players in their journey in Arkesia.


Yes, we need it AGS!


Just gonna drop a “+1” so hopefully AGS finally responds to this with a better answer than “yell louder and we might consider it.”


i too shall +1 because yelling apparently isn’t audible unless everyone first sets their hair on fire


Yes please. I could finally set up Everything that I need.


Yes, this is very important and will enhance the gaming experience for the hardcore and casual players alike.


I completely agree, it’s awfully time consuming and ineffective for me to use my excel spreadsheets for each of my 9 chars trying to gear them decently for whatever content they’re doing.


I think we can all agree, the API would be a greaty QoL improvement. With it we could more efficiently gear up.

Everything is stated perfectly here so I won’t do it again.

AGS, you asked for our feedback about it. You have it for months now. Your turn. Share the damn API, please !


Yes API for AH please . this is helpful because it can make us have the optimal setup and optimal purchase everytime
its sad if we buy an accessories, but later found a better one with the better combination
we need to purchase again and again, and it will cost twice or more of the pheon, then we run out of pheon, and need to purchase pheon again and again and again and again and again and again,

and if we run out of gold we even have to buy pheon by buying rc and converting it to gold and converted to bc just for more pheon…



wait… is thats why ah api not available right now ? Pheon ???

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why bother with public API? you have a hammer and you want a nail.
Why do I have to use API and a 3rd party web site.
Just build the function into the game. I want the game to have the functionality of that 3rd party web site, with a button tell me that is the best items to gear with the markets.
There see, how I go to the root and not get pigeon hole in my thinking

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Because it’s too linear. They may As well remove the market and say “here, you need this gold to buy this 1 item”

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There are people who make millions of gold per month with market scripts and you want an API without adressing any of the illegal tools first so that they can abuse the entire market? Yep makes sense :rofl:

Please stop trying having everything what KR has, they got some actual moderation over there.

Like we got global buffs and bots are heavily profiting over it :rofl:


The people who are abusing the market will continue to do so. They already have market scripts and such. The API would be infinitely more helpful to the general playerbase than it would be harmful and the inclusion of it would probably not increase the amount of people who would abuse the market as most of them have already been doing that. By trying to prevent a huge QOL update, the general playerbase suffers while the market abusers thrive. If the API was implemented, everyone thrives and is on equal footing in regards to the auction house due to the availability of tools.


You will never be in on equal footing against someone who uses scripts to send multiple buy requests every second for days. What will happen that instead of 1 to 30 high resell value items they’ll camp entire auction house. Bring API and you’ll never ever find any desirable accessory or tripod for cheap.

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There’s no public API in KR, there’s a web interface for the AH and data is scraped out of the HTML.

Having the web AH would be nice though sure. Same deal with the ability to look at character profiles online.

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I already wrote down the reasons somewhere else - so here just again:
PLEASE give us the API!!!

Well, there is a way to access player profiles and market/AH automated from outside the game - might not be a real Application Programming Interface - but it can be used as one.

And btw: I don’t know any non-web based app where you can access everything via API. Most APIs only give out a fraction of the data actually available withing the Application.

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