When is Tier Update?

I got into PVP recently, worked my way to Ultra 1 and had a few matches after but stayed Ultra 1. Today I noticed that I’m Ultra 4, without really playing much pvp the last few days.

How/when does that happen? I’m guessing it’s with weekly reset?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hey, welcome to PvP! The obscured system you’re looking for is under Game Menu (ESC) → Character → PvP Info (Alt+K).

Basically, the more Tier Points (TP) you accrue each week, the more PvP XP you earn on weekly reset. If you look under the Tier Points tab at the top, the + next to Weekly XP (estimate) opens up the readout on how much XP is earned per percentile bracket. ‘View All’ beside Tier Change Info will open the chart displaying how much XP is needed to reach each tier, what their weekly XP decay is, and what their weekly income is.

Different game modes have varying ratios of TP and token earnage, and you can also earn TP on PvP islands such as Illusion and Death’s hold, which are active multiple times daily, as well as Asura, Forpe, Medeia and others I may be forgetting as adventure islands.

Furthermore, Saturday and Sunday each have a morning and an evening Fever Time event that doubles TP and Token gain for 3 hours in specific game modes. Playing islands and fever times is the most efficient way to gain TP and thus advance your tier the most for your time alotted.

Top 10% takes a little bit of effort and scheduling, but not much more than a couple hours a week. I’d say that’s a good starting goal for an easy 42k XP a week, but the best rule is always to PvP when you want to.


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Better play pvp. Pve is for loosers, pure farm2win or pay2win. And alot of time consuming.

You opinion not others. Ty for sharing your narrow minded opinion though

Really helpful, ty!

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