When is vyakis Release?

I think it falls on AGS 100% here. Instead of being straight up with us (“just FYI, SGR doesn’t like to push solid dates out beforehand, so don’t expect one until a day or two before, blah blah”), they like to beat around the bush and feed us their hopes and dreams. Like if they were just transparent with us, I think far less people would be pissed. It doesn’t even fall on the CMs, though. It’s the “powers that be” that decide what the CMs are and aren’t authorized to share. It’s honestly become incredibly frustrating for even the most understanding and hopeful people in this community at this point…

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Still think it’s coming June 23?

They already nuts but it would be waaaaaaaaay worst lol.

They literally stopped telling us sht cuz people overreacted before, i still prefer if they just say a date and if they have to delay it’s okay to me (but i know how people on this forums are, they make a shit storm out of anything)

KEKW buddy you deleted your image with you buying g2g gold in a tab LMAO

So what do you want to tell me with this? It doesn’t change anything.

It actually reaffirms my position. Especially combined with the fact that both RU AND JP Versions deliver information 1-2 weeks ahead of time.
In case of RU not all the info, part of it comes the day before the update. But they know WHEN it will hit.

I don’t know how big JP is, but RU has a whole whooping TWO Servers in their Region (literally).
So I doubt that SG communicates worse with AGS who has probably over 50% of the worldwide customers under their belt than they do with KR/JP which are insignificant by comparison of playercount.

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