When? june&july road map when?

when are you going to give us the class road map for june and july? or there is no classes in june and july is there any content in june or july we want to know please. roadmap

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if u cant see the pattern by now. we get monthy road map at the begining of each month. so wait.

i hope it comes sooner tho

the big may update not even out. this man asking for june/july :rofl:

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We will most likely see another roadmap this month some time.

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likely not until after may update comes at the earliest.

i mean i want to know what classes are going to be released so i plan accordingly

i’d also think if they did another roadmap it’d be june/july/aug. since normally roadmaps are done in quarters our last one was only 2 because we only had 2 months left in the quarter.

Ah okay. Ask for class release date would be more accurate then asking for a road map then

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Roxx said they’re hoping to get it out probably the last week of May.

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Oh this is an interesting speculation :thinking: