When scouter will be here, i will open all my chest

i stock everything with my main for now.

Are you doing the same for the class you are waiting ?


Mine’s sorta similar, even though I’ve been slacking and not doing my dailies cause I’m getting tired of waiting for Scouter.

Screenshot from about a week again, not online atm


i’m doing some dailies while watching the new season of stranger thing ^^

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mine was also similar before Destroyer

FFXIV? I thought you were quitting to play FFXIV?

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I have never said that

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You DO realize that scouter is mid to low dps right?

Just because people like Kanima are gods it doesnt mean the class will be good

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It looks cool tho.

I’m not going to play it but it does look cool. You don’t have to be top dps in this game, it’s not cutting edge difficult save for a few hells later that most people won’t clear anyway. :+1:


Me too!


Trying to catch up on those gems @Sulfuroth

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rip penguin skin

I hope you all sold and bought those back recently. If you’ve been holding since before valtan you really f**** up .

i didn’t done voltan yet, and i don’t care about anything to progress, i just want to get some fun, and that it.

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what ?

yeah i don’t like animal skin

your pretty much throwing away gold by holding mats instead of selling them. Think about it like this, you sell all your stones for 21g per 10 for red and 11g per 10 for blue. Eventually when they go down in price, lets say reds go to 10g, your essentially able to buy 50 percent more red stones with the gold you made from selling them at 21g per 10.


i don’t know man

You play to have fun? Absolutely disgusting :upside_down_face:


You think people want classes to top charts? We already have sorcerer for that.

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