When scouter will be there, the game will still be alive?

Would be cool to play a living game when my main class is out.


In just under a years time? Yeah probably not. Id hazard a guess that when the next MMO comes out LA is dead on its feet.


game will be fine you just FUD

damn that bad they should release everything fast so people can invest into the game.

Idk man. I joined a very active guild on EUC to kill time from main account (server) and the entire guild (34 people) one day decided to go an play black desert… Let that sink in, 34 people wanted to play black desert over lost ark.


cause lost ark suks.

but it’s ok.

it’s already been 6 months since lost ark release…the only players still staying are the ones holding on long term cause they enjoy it.
Based on data, usually 6 month mark is where majority of players who try a mmo will leave and the ones who are left will stay long term.

We still bleeding some casuals who are finding vykas and honing abysmal but I don’t think we will fall too hard from here honestly.

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Agreed, for summoner. If Summoner isn’t next, Im probably done. Not some kiddy temper tantrum but summoner is one of the original classes in the game, it is what I played in tandem with deadeye in RU and I enjoy Summoner the most and play summoner archetypes in other games, and was dropped at the last minute for freakin’ sorc.

I refuse to continue to play classes I don’t want to or support the game if I can’t play the class I want simply because AGS wants “content” stretched across many months. Greedy as F of them and as a consumer I won’t support that.


The game will still have many years working with a good player base, the trend is still increasing.

Lost Ark is a niche game and it is good at what it does. Anyone who expected it to be the next WoW or FFXIV needs to get their sanity checked. The game won’t go anywhere and will do just fine with its core audience for years to come, just like other KRMMO’s did before.


dont worry, if nothing releases in the next yr, LA should still be good hopium

whales & rmters will always be there. Around 20-30k players maybe. As it is now it’s 50-60k actual players alongside bots so ye.

Haven’t you been reading the forums? The game is already dead.


I get it. I was just fortunate to have Sorc there at the start. If I had to pick something else to play until a class I really liked showed up, I would probably have already bailed as well. The issue I’m now facing is the people I know still playing are all on a different server, I tried making a new toon to get leveled up, but not sure I ever want to do that again. All powerpasses are trapped on server where I don’t know anyone, so not really feeling incentive to use them. Tough to make a decent roster without them, so will probably give up on playing with friends. It doesn’t seem like a good way for longevity.

Oh 100% thats a good point. I have three old wow guildees that picked up the game shortly after release but stopped playing maybe about a month ago. They rolled on a server that was put in after release and wanted to play with me. I said the only way we can do that is through luck in match making or through party finder for guardians etc. Wish this wasnt the case tbh because yeah, this kills longevity if you cannot transfer your entire account and roster over to a server where all of your friends are.

I play alone, sadly… with my friends on a different server that no longer play it seems. Im in a guild with some chill people but Im 38 and do not care to make friends in games anymore lol. So my access to content (i.e. raids) can be limited which degrades my desire to play the game.

Add in that my main is no where in sight, Ive dropped loads into classes I wouldn’t play because, well, gotta play something…and passing up on skins for my would-be main. Sigh.

the september class release is the breaking point for me. Summoner or bust for a while…and also because Overwatch 2 is releasing the following month.

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Probably after reaper

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Pretty sure 90% of the “scouter main” will just quit/go back to their old main after a week.
Just like those “glaivier main”



bro, the problem when the class you wait come after so much time, its hard to catch up, you are left behind, this not about the class, but about this HORRIBLE gestion from AGS who held us into hostage waiting our TRUE MAIN, trust me its a big pain.


ye even with express even ur still 2 patches behind

You are right my friend, as a future main reaper who already has the assassin created and enough costumes bought for when it comes out it is in bad taste to have to wait so long for the long awaited classes such as reaper and scouter, plus we do not know if summoner will come out before these but I would be pretty angry if this happened.

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if you are willing to reroll on the most popular server then yes, that one place will be somewhat alive, rest is already p much dead unless its 1400+ stuff, this game is still just a cashgrab so dont expect much lol 50$ for some pixel bikinis kekw