When the guy you rekt last game ends up in your team. :D

Gonna go ahead and take a wild stab in the dark at you having acted like a complete cunt in the previous match.


why would the title say “… ends up in your team…” if he was in my team the game before. He was not I just literally killed this guy 5-6 times in the game before.

Damn that clittblaster

He doesn’t have to be on your team for you to be a cunt to him. Lost Ark PvP has cross-chat.

Well not for me, I cant read any chat and I also cant chat to someone during the ranked match. Are we playing the same game?

Weird thing to lie about. But I guess that’s a 10-4 on my hypothesis then.

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You want us to believe you’ve never used the ‘/say’ function? Ok dude.

Hmm… never checked that. I tried group chat and it didn’t work so I concluded that chat is deactivated for obvious reasons. Logically I would rather be harsh to my own teammates than guys I do wreck and that are on the other side of the team. Will try it tho. Are ppl generally not writing because I never see an enemy writing something - the emotes however I see quite often.

Just tried, nothing visual in chat after typing to /say . So basically you are trolling :slight_smile: atleast u got me. ^^

has to be bait I can’t believe u’re serious, maybe AG muted you for obvious reasons :slight_smile:

here u go bro, its doable

Thats not even ranked, what are you doing?