When the KR balance gets here?

When we gonna get the latest KR class balance patch in our version?

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Ppl are saying march but i didn’t read that anywhere so i would also want to know

March, you can see it in the roadmap

So we getting, QOL, Artist, Ark pass, Balance patch, Roween PVP at match

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Sharpshooters are so excited they are literally shaking

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omg why so late… pls add it here in the same week as in KR.

Surge DB nerf :^(

Hunger Reaper Buff :^)

I mean they got buffed im sure they are looking forward the balance patch.

Im pretty sure we are the game version that get the balance patch and QOLs faster.

LC got buffed big. DS on the other hand is made clunky (while buffed)… but I would prefer unbuffed >>>>>> clunky.

Glad I didn’t touch this game since weeks. After they made my class clunky won’t come back again I guess.

Well i recommend you to don’t come back to the forums too, do yourself a favor and save your time.

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