When to switch mains?

I started the game off with a sorc, and although I like the gameplay of the class, I want to main glaivier. My sorc is now sitting at 1385, whereas my glaivier is 1340. What’s more efficient to do: bumping up my sorc to 1415/1445 and then switch, or switch now?

I’m currently sitting at:

  • 56k Guardian Stones
  • 22k Destruction Stones
  • 170 GHL
    of unbound mats + 67k gold
    My Sorc has 5k Destruction Stones, 14k Guardian Stones and 700 GHL of bound mats; my Glaivier has 1k Destruction Stones, 4k Guardian Stones and 400 HL.

You’ll get no benefit bumping the Sorc to 1415 or 1445 in terms of helping your alt actually get there. If you enjoy Glavier and want to swap then start the push. This close to Valtan though it’s still going to be worth pushing the Sorc to 1415, use only bound mats and limit your honing on her and use all tradable on the Glavier.

I would get to valtan before switch…

Do the research and push ur lance master

Do what you think the game is not going anywhere

I would switch now but having only 170 HGL it’s impossible. If you switch now you’ll be super behind especially with the rising price of GHL so buying it is very bad right now. If I wanted to enjoy valtan without waiting another month or 2 I’d just keep lvling the sorc.

400 HL might not even get your Glavier to 1370. From the 6 characters that I did from 1340-1370 it costed around 550-700 HL each.

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I debated switching my main since early t2. My main is now parked at 1385 with all alts at 1340. Now seems the best time to switch mains, if any.

Any time you hit stronghold research honing buff is a good time to switch. If there’s a new honing buff with the patch, ill likely just my main again and reconsider when i hit the next honing buff. Having to gear up another main and get through the 1340-1370 deadzone is supremely deterring.

If you were to get your sorc to 1415, even with the cheese method (12x5,17,17), you would need 1500 Great Honor Leapstones having average luck without extra materials. Right now, you just don’t have enough to push to 1415. You would be stuck at like 1405 without having anything else invested. I’d just get the Glavier to 1370 so you would at least have more farming power to get more Great Honor Leapstones to sell for gold. Besides, you want to main Glavier anyways.

if your main is 1385 right now you are ready to switch after you reserached the honing buff in your stronghold.

While currently this is true from the next patch we will likely get the stronghold 1370+ buff after reaching 1460.

I didn’t really base my answer on “likely” I based it entirely on what we know for sure. I haven’t heard anything about the 1460 research coming, far as I know its entirely a rumor and hopium

Alright so Lost Ark is a game of managing your gold. With gold, u can buy anything and thus do anything. The question u should be asking is, what earns more gold.

Based on what you’ve shared, the correct thing to do is used all BOUND materials to hone and sell all tradable materials. It doesn’t matter who is ur main and who is ur alt at this stage, just get ur character to highest ilvl with bound mats as they are essentially free and dump all tradable mats for people pushing at a premium.

A few weeks later when mats crash, that’s when u use the huge amount of accumulated gold and buy back the mats u sold for 1/2 or 1/3rd of the price. Now u can proceed to “picking ur main”.

For instance, many of my friends have dumped 2 months worth of accumulated mats and sitting on 7 figures and ilvl 1415 playing 6-8 alts aday @ 1370-1380. After the market crash they will be 1460 easily. If they had just used all their mats and honed 1 main, they would be 1445 at best and broke.

Based on the mats u listed above, you cannot realistically achieve 1415 on neither characters unless u spend a lot of your gold. 1385-1400 costs around 650 Greater Honor Leapstones then 1400-1415 costs roughly another 700. 14k Gstones is not enough, you’re gonna be looking at closer to 30k+. Pushing now is likely the most expensive time, I’d absolutely not do it unless I had all the mats bound so upgrades are costing me no tradable stones nor greater honor stones.