When to use additional honing in t3/honing update soon?

So I know that there’s not really any info about a honing update and it’s release date officially announced. I’ve been sitting at 1340 for around 2 weeks and was previously selling mats until the prices dipped. Im tempted to try to get to 1370 now but not sure if it’s wise considering a potential honing update. Also, at what level for your gear should you be using additional honing mats that increase your percentages? Most of my gear is at +9 or +10. I don’t really want to waste them as in t2 it seemed like using additional upgrades were more prominent in +13 and above.

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For the honing rate I think we will get it with Valtan release which undetermined since they changed the roadmap. So maybe couple of months idk.
What is your ilevel again ?

1340* mb. I have like 15 k guardian stones and 5 destruction stones im not sure if that would be enough with my rng.

I think you should use all the help you can get, I mean the book and the solar star and all.
They do help, I wish u best of luck my friend.
Oh and you should use them right now if u can spare them other than that just wait until the chance hit 15%

Don’t hold your breath for honing changes. Likely not coming until next major content drop, which will be dragged a lot until most people are around 1415 due to the massive backlash over Argos, so likely that’s not before mid-May at the earliest, I would actually say mid-June is more realistic.

1340-1370 15k guardian stones is not enough. More like 27k, for desturction ~9k or so.

I saw that data in a spread sheet and it was almost correct with my honing between 1340-1370