When was this a problem?

I mean, to play a game and have fun when it was a problem how others play? maybe it’s very old but a game is about having fun right? to be distracted? to spend a long or short time, right? who cares how others play if you are having fun with your circle of friends or meet within the game? What good is an itlvl a number, if you’re not having fun? I think it’s all so focused on a topic that’s out of the way of what really matters, a game! , everyone cries for bots the game tries to fix them lower the drops for that they try to put longer loads , the whole fix is ​​focusing on a bad path , when the only thing is to make a game in which you enter and play and do not care about anything else ! and the complaints the cries only infect the same game in bad solutions. im so sorry about me english


I understand how you feel…
Personally… I just play the game and enjoy what it has to offer. there are some things i hate like the honing/gambling part. But for the most part, I just enjoy the game and use it as an escape from the reality of life.

I try to not get wrapped up in all the hype on the forum… and i try to have a level head. But sometimes it is hard.

Just relax… enjoy the game.
It is a beautiful game… take what you can from it.


I do not write a feeling but my experience in the game, it was not my intention to seem frustrated, but to reach someone even if it was 1 and offer them a different and beneficial point of view :slight_smile: