When will AGS stop the stream of mismanagement?

I’m talking about the players that have brain. Those who pay AGS for a game with all those issues: DCs/AH not working/players unable to log in/24-hour maintenance (LOL) and I can keep going, then all these are so addicted to the game that they don’t know what they are doing or they are just plain stupid. There is no other explanation. Imagine someone punches them to the face and they reply with thank you. Same thing.

You’re the guy who plays a free game and requires a responsible CM to attend to their issue ANON and grant you the ticket instantly.

I am aware of the thread, if you look at the posts after the fix they did ahead of thanksgiving and next day they fixed asta, then the number of reports are small.

Please troll lol… This is 2 month old post. And yeah, they fked up big time with the emergency maintenance, tickets were returned a week later. Also, why is your history hidden?

I am not the one in every thread talking bad about the game instead of playing it.

I value my privacy.

Yeah, the majority of players that complain don’t know what they are talking about. You are the logical one here.

Its so amazing that for every post people make complaining about smt that is clearly bad going on in the game there is always at least 2 people to defend AGS like its their mother. I even began to think they must be employees but i guess people are just that weird

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That one is a legit troll and that’s why I called him that. All his posts are like this (thus hidden history), not to be taken seriously by any means. There are specific usernames that are here just to troll or they’re delusional or both.

I’m at asta. how did I not know they fixed it? There are still problems

how many DCs you have since this post?

This is after midnight after the ‘imaginary’ fix


the key word “should be”, they are so uncertain, the random solution to the problem really surprised me.

@Undertaker90 that’s one instance only, if the problem persisted that thread would be still active.

@jackhoeny You didn’t answer my question. How many DCs you got since that fix on Asta?

If it happens to one person, it happens to everyone since it is server-side and not user-side related. But since you want many instances, there you go:

DCs from many players from various servers. I sent it again earlier but seems you didn’t study it enough.

This is not true. I play on EUC, both me and my friends didn’t disconnect even once after the last fix. It’s not happening to everyone and not as frequent, since I did raids and guardian raids and no one DCed in my parties yet since then.

Still a lot of players keep reporting and also count all those who get the DCs and don’t want to bother to report because they know AGS are incompetent and won’t do anything in the near future. But let’s say you are right and it’s only a few (which is not the case obviously), this doesn’t mean that everything is ok. Any other competent company would have fixed this ASAP when AGS needs months (or years?) to do it.

There is a lot of people keep thinking that SG is the one at fault because they are the one doing the coding/development, but they keep forgetting that AGs is the one publishing to make sure the games go correctly and they have to find ways to manage or communicate with their partners. Even SG was frustrated at AGs for not being transparent and not communicating properly even gold river said in this interview. He was frustrated that Amazon didnt include any of the details about why they delay to their customers etc etc. Remember when Roxx or some CM told us that SG was ignoring AGs? I feel like that might be a reason why.

However, i think both sides have their own problems. We dont quite know their internal management between who is doing what. We only know SG is doing the coding/development, but who’s doing the intense testing? I dont think SG has the time to do all that. Also the servers are all in AGs hands, the one that has the most optimal efficiency to test these is AGs.

When they close down the freaking service.
That’s the best outcome for the players, let someone else publish with it.

they said they have developers

AGS only has a diversity enforcement team, bots for customer support, and community managers.

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