When will artist release?

@Shadow_Fox @Roxx

When will we be getting artist? the class has been out for 9 months now, and we still don’t have it
I am glad people are getting reaper and summoner but why not release artist as well?


February or March. It’s next after Summoner.


Artist will release in about 9-10 months from now

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classes are content gotta milk all the cows as much as possible!!

You’re right, classes ARE content. It’s an ARPG with mmo elements. You do the same grind over and over. You just do it on different classes and different builds. Just like an ARPG.

I don’t care if classes are content or not, artist has been out for 9 months, and we still don’t have it


nope artist has been out 0 months in NA/EU
it’ll come when it comes, after the original classes are out, which won’t happen until December. SO logically it won’t be prior to February at the earliest as if they follow suit there will be 1-2 month of “hype” prior to release.


well duh, but it has been out for 9 months in other regions though, it’s not new, new to the region? Yes, new to the game? No

Also, I never understood “They are delaying it to make more money” they are just losing people who want to play artist and skins sales for artist that could have happened from 9 months ago till now if they released her

and they could have done

October - reaper

November - Summoner

December - Artist

then artist comes last, and everyone is happy


Was hoping for artists to come before Bre…there goes that hope.

Now, I hope it will come before Bre-hard releases

I want to finish my six gold earners. Been saving that spot for her.

Hope she will release on Jan or Feb…no later plz!!!

Fingers crossed for Jan :crossed_fingers:

coulda shoulda woulda
they got it in there head to release classes every 2 months for this year, slightly altered to get them all OG classes out this year
RU/JP have only had artists for a couple months
she’ll get here when she gets her

yep, and I am asking when that will happen from a cm

Yep, they did not do that, but they should have, it was a bad move not to.

but it’s done and over with that is why I am asking when it will come

So, @Shadow_Fox @Roxx
When do artists get to start playing the game?

they won’t tell you when it will come. hell they probably don’t even know themselves at this point in time.
you just have to wait until the roadmaps come and go for her to eventually appear on.

That is ok asking does not hurt anyone

Classic dapanaza LULW

February or March probably

It’s been years since summoner release and they are still waiting. Chill out, it will come next year any month.

they are getting it in December

This would’ve been perfect, but I’m exhausted complaining about the cadence at this point tbh…