When Will Daily Reset Exploiting be Fixed?

Currently as it stands, people are able to exploit the daily resets for Field Bosses (World Bosses) and Chaos Gates.

If one of these events are up in the current day but not up the following day, players can be on at the daily reset time and get into another Chaos Gate or do another World Boss and reap rewards for an event that wasn’t supposed to be out and others can’t obtain these rewards if they aren’t on at reset times.

I only see this as a problem due to it not being something everyone can do feasibly. Sure, I can get up at 5am but I choose not to while others are able to do this to get more mats/gold and it’s affecting the economy in a negative way due to an influx of shard bags on the AH causing prices to plummet.

Here’s an easy fix, change the daily reset to follow in between the hours (i.e. 5:30 or 6:30 am) when those events don’t spawn, or just have flags for roster’s not reset for an hour after reset so players still can’t enter these events and exploit the daily reset of the game.