When will it stop?

It’s been like 1 month or more since we have this delay which is really annoying to plan everything properly.

It’s not game breaker but since i didn’t read any news about it, i’m starting to think that we will never see any changes about this problem

My guess… 30th of October :rofl:

Maybe 31 february ? I don’t know it felt so annoying to be late for something irl ore something else because you check ingame hour while irl hour is +1 xD

I said 30th of October because thats when its time to change to winter time again.

Considering that its still a thing after this long, then I think we can expect them to handle it like the EU MM problem = let it fix itself.

Hum i will not accepte that as a solution. But it’s not the only thing. Did you see the calender ? He didn’t reflect the proper day -_-