When will They listen and change endless chaos dungeons… bot farm content

T1/T2 endless chaos dungeons are fine. mats are bound to character if I remember right ?

Bring in T3. Fully tradable mats in large quantities. Extremely expensive and time consuming to clear out vendor.

T3 endless Chaos is 100% bot content. We have watched bots farm and sell these mats for weeks upon weeks.

Current bot solution is random bans… vpn change that just hurt legit players… and gold removal from rapport.

Why wont they listen and rework the vendor at T3 ?

Reduce the amount you can buy by about 75% ?
Reduce the cost ?
Make items roster bound

Must be roster bound…

Majority of the honing upgrade mats for sale are from chaos dungeon bot farms… they are basically farming players for gold.

There are also players running these bot
Farms to support thier 1470+ Characters with high level gems.

This could fix alot… but unser why AGS/Smilegate cannot see this ? Or even talk about it ?


They never ever Listening
Remember vpn ban wavs that all say its TOS TOS so what now? Legit player hurts but bot raised
Nothing change on AGS they didnt want do anything, its simple give - gold and prema ban rmt not all but more than 60% of bots shutdown after that change


Chaos dungeon changes is such a simple fix… and would make a huge change…

So remove another thing that helps legit players make gold?


All that VPN ban did was clear out my guild.

My members from AU just stopped logging in after that…really sucks as we are an OCE player guild.


No legit player farms endless T3 chaos for hours.

They should have the mats be character bound and that’s it, same as the T1/T2.

That and make T1 & T2 Books untradable from endless chaos.

Locking servers after a cleanup on top of requiring high roster level for big purchases [500+ gold] while requiring investment in stronghold [lvl 15-20+] would do wonders against bot farms as the time required to break even will diminish significantly.

This is a self correcting problem. More people RMT / Bot Chaos → Non-botters/RMTers see them get away with it → They become RMT/Botters too → Eventually, AGS sees decline in revenue → Hits a breaking point of needing to address the problem.

Many players are “becoming part of the solution” since they see so many easily getting away with it.

… at this point its to late


if they hit the endless chaos dungeon with a nerf just watch how many people quit hahahahahahahahahahahaha, every solution to combat bots so far has done nothing to the bots and LEGIT hurt normal players. Gold is already an issue for so many, and now if the remove endless chaos dungeon farm, ooh boy people will be pissed. Well if we want New World scenario i dare them to hit the chaos dungeon change. but they already know what’s going to happen if they do that. I doubt they will touch endless CD. I seriously hope they don’t.

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They don’t have to remove, maybe changing the max limit from 99 to 30

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@Roxx @Shadow_Fox Chaos vendor’s materials and accessories are roster bound in the korean version. When is that change coming here? It is taking way too long.


I agree dont remove all, make it like a weekly task for normal players.

Low amounts but not super grindy.


Dude, if you have 6 characters all within 1445 - 1340 and still feel like Chaos Dungeon past 2 is worth it then you must be able to dilate time or something.

Then again the 6 character cap on raids is stupid and should be removed. Everyone is happy?

This just seems like common sense.

Its about to late to save the game… Hopefully we get good news next week… game is bleeding players bad but the Bots are hiding that.

I think they enjoy the Bot numbers steam shows… or have no clue how many bots we really have online at once…

Smilegate may play the game in KR… but they have no clue what the NA servers are like.

The items need to become roster bound the limit needs to be like 30x instead of 99x
the price should not go up each buy and should be lower,it should be possible to clear it weekly by just playing some extra chaos dungeons a day,it should be a way to help players progress without having to sink in too many extra hours into the chaos dungeon.
Currently only bots or really hardcore players spend a lot of hours in it,99% are definitely bots.

@Roxx this is a very important issue that is being ignored by the team,if you want to limit bot gold generation you should do this.

You literally don’t know the thing they are asking to remove are you?

The diminishing returns really makes this inefficient to anything other than bots.

There is no way the cm’s gonna reply to bot thread.

No solutions or banwave to REAL BOTTING players.

The conclusion will be “they are okay with infinite chaos dungeon farming”

They are pushing that concept by not doing anything. Because they are too afraid of losing their player data base on steam chart.

So at the end more people will join ChaosClicker software to farm all day.


You do understand that some people don’t care that it’s inefficient and they grind it right ? You understand by design, and by its literal name…it’s meant to be be run A LOT.