When will They listen and change endless chaos dungeons… bot farm content

There’s a difference between being inefficient and essentially useless. They can’t “want to grind it” AND “want to grind it for gold income” AND “not care that their attempts give you much worse returns” AND “not want it for their own character but to sell it only”…all at the same time.

This is literally bot content and bot design. You don’t even know the design of this infinite do you? It’s designed to consume some extra time left over in the week to get some rewards but not actually be a primary means of progression lmfao.

Since its practically infinite, the rewards diminish in value because the purchase requirements are valued higher and higher the more you buy them.

If they just want to grind it, they would still get mats. They could even improve the mats you get by nerfing the diminishing returns to make it useful to grind on a non-bot.

Roster bound mats would solve 3rd part bots and accounts. them Being tradeable is horrid

Wont stop people botting on their main accounts though

Yeh really don’t understand why they havent changed it to bound when its obviously what is being farmed the most. Even making it no longer infinite would be fine since the only people who actually do that are botters and people who bot. Maybe a couple psychos, but this change will be for their own good then.

I think T3 Chaos vendor mats are roster bound in KR if i remember right ?

Why don’t we have any changes like this bots have to got to get fixed. Now not later.

If they removed it, the botters would just figure out another way to farm gold. The real and only fix is to go after the RMT buyers. Ban them for 3 weeks on their first offence and then ban them for 6 months on their 2nd … after that ban them for life.

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When will They listen and change endless chaos dungeons

Considering how much this gets brought up and CMs avoiding it like the plague:


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While I don’t run infinite I do grind them sometimes, until it gets too expensive then stop. I also farm like 36 of them on main and alt to get the weekly quests done so there’s that as well

No one wants them taken away from you.

We want them to make the loot Roster bound.

This might be better solution, instead of making it tradeable it might be better to make it bound or even roster bound :slight_smile:

Works for Korean version since they don’t have a big bot issue due to everyone needing some sort of personal identification to play. In NA anyone can just make a free steam account :frowning:

Would love to see all these items bound. The vendor ones