When will timers be adjusted for daylight savings time?

Messing up a lot of stuff today, events arent happening when the timers say they should. Homestly the timers have been all over the place since launch, any idea when these might be synched properly? Thanks


So adventure islands, world bosses and the races are off by daylight savings however tooki island is not, this is very odd. I really hope this gets fixed ASAP its making this difficult to plan events.

Hello @Trae

Currently, there is no publically announced time as to when this issue will be resolved. They are currently aware of the time in-game being off due to daylight savings, and I’m sure they’re currently working towards fixing it.

Kind of short sighted to have requirements for the current event be based on a timer that is now broken. It was mildly funny when the Australian people all complained about it in area chat for the past couple days. Now that DST has actually ended in North America, it should have been implemented as a hotfix last night or this morning. People are unable to participate in the event as intended.