When will we get more mokoko skins?


When more mokoko skins?

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Hopefully with Summoner cuz I want to put Mokoko skin on her and pretend like she’s a seed fairy or something like that. That will go well with overall theme of the class.

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I just want one for my scouter

Maybe they will give us one for Halloween

maybe or at least christmas

Hopefully never. Any mokoko or furry suit is an instand deny from any groups. Absolutely disgusting

your kidding mokoko’s are the true endgame and the meta on korea

How dare you!!! They would beat you up and DDOS your account if they knew you slandered them like this smh

What about mokoko pets ? I only have 1 and it`s not the green one :frowning: I want to complete my destroyer set.

Any upcoming event, news, or update for the mokoko skin & pets drop? @Roxx

New players are in agony to make an adventure in Lost Ark without that Awesome Almighty Amazing mokoko skin…

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This txt is add because the sentence below aint a clear sentence according to asg!




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