When will we get the roadmap

when are they usally releasing roadmaps and other stuff ?

Later today, probably in the next 4-6h.

Today is a long day.

But I will wait for my Summoner.

yea i know i mean the time - last game i played e.g. always released stuff at 6pm maybe they do something simular

It is by no mean an accurate tell, but everytime I’ve seen updates regarding roadmaps/notes, they are after I finish my work day which is in 6 hours.

So, anywhere between that time it is very likely unless issues happen and they must delay.

Last time iirc, it was posted “After lunch” on their time zone, let’s hope it is similar too.

today is yesterday’s tomorrow

Can’t wait to see what anti-QOL limits they plan to put in place in the next couple months to ruin the experience further. Soon we will be playing a single player game.

obviously , SS says 18h ago …

Lost Ark August & September Roadmap - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG its here

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