When you love too much a game


I played 100 hours into the beta, I played 500 hours into the RU version without spending any money. I already enjoyed 600 hours without spending anything. So they deserve this because I had a lot of fun already


But why though… You’re just overpaying for Crystalline Aura and Crystals.

Actually using RU servers prices of Crystals and Crystalline aura each pack is way more convenient “only for crystals and aura” compared to buying them post release.
Considering that in the EU/NA versions the prices will be higher that in RU for sure the value they give is way higher for the money you pay.
Here are my calculations: https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/rvkpyx/founder_pack_value_based_on_ru_servers_prices/

Considering that you support them a lot with preorder for sure those packs are a real deal. Even if it isn’t I played a lot already this game and I love it. They deserves every single penny for the great job and master piece they give us



Publisher don’t take 100% of the revenue they are usually 60/40.
I don’t care about the publisher but I care about the developers that independent from the publisher get their cut to give us more content.


Ay yo wheres the bronze one at? - serious tho Ive got a plat and gold! Only thing I wish I could do was get multiple platinum for the founder outfits but there’s still no clear explanation on if you can get them from AH or trades or w/e as id much rather give them money for the fits

As what I know due to steam limitation you can have only 1 plat per account. In fact, if you try to buy multiple packs of the same type steam will warn you that you won’t receive the benefits of this pack. So you can only redeem 1 pack per type per account.

Let the guy use his money on whatever he wants lol, now you guys wanna tell him what to do with his money? LOL


Relax it’s his choice. If he’s OK with it that’s fine. I hate it when someone else tells me how to spend my money.


This is are a released game bro… You can play it on RU servers. I’m natively Russian and I played on those servers for a while. But I live in Italy and I am a full time content creator so I cannot afford to fully enjoy the game because I need also to do my job. My content though is in English so I can finally cover the game I love on my youtube channel sharing my knowledge with other new players. That at the same time will allow me to finally enjoy the game at its full potential without warring that I ignore the real life and my responsabilities. With the content I already did for the game for the release day will fast cover my expenses but at least I use some money I will get from the community providing free content to finance the developers to do even more content for all of us to enjoy

The EU/NA version of the game was in beta during June and is nearly what we will get on release day. The beta was a test to find out those bugs you speak of.
I played 100 hours in beta, reached level 50 and got a small taste of the end game will be in NA/EU. I happy with what I seen so I know what I’m actually buying. I started playing in RU after the beta and yes is slightly different in particular in end game. While in the story progression, collectibles and side activities is nearly the same. Keep in mind that in Ru I’m still in tier 1 because I focused my time more on side activities that grinding gear

I agreed with you, but if the ulterior agenda were to support the game without the need to get all the multiple items stacked because we don’t have the definitive answer for this, it is a nice move if you really like the game.

In my case, if they confirm it will stack all the pots, silver, avatar, and Crystalline Aura for me is enough, I do not need multiple mounts and pets, I will do the same if those things will stack.

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Well here is the answer from Roxx about the fact that you can claim that everything is stackable because it come out in a chest

I was thinking that too, but if you try to confirm this, no one will confirm anymore, I used this picture sometimes in this forum too, but things aren’t as clear in this as you may think.

If someone can make a Moderator/CM in this forum confirm this statement, I will finally agree with this.

The time passing too fast for me so yeah I get confused on the release of the beta date. But here is my stats. i even made a huge guide about the collectibles for Rethramis back during the beta
Desktop Screenshot 2022.01.05 -

The ““closed”” beta was in November. And no, there is a difference between a beta to find the most remaining few translation-issues or a beta, where the companies are basically trying to use the players to make their job for free.
And they dont even pay the respect to these page-filling list with saying at least thanks one time…

The did you are wrong. You just didn’t read the official news dude after the beta was done on steam…

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Roxx on steam is the same Roxx in this forum. Roxx here is one of moderators in this community so i guess this is enough as confirmation. She can’t repeat her self every single people ask the same question

I just don’t get your negativity here. They are trying to do their best to provide the final product we want. This take time and they can make mistakes in some translation because you know what? Devs are also humans and humans make mistakes.
Translating a huge game like Lost Ark isn’t as easy as you may think and is hard to make it perfect even if you have native speakers working on it.

I think the problem was he linked an image without the actual post on the Steam Forums tat was tagged as answered by the devs. Source Multiple founders packs :: Lost Ark General Discussions