When you love too much a game

Ofcource the link matter. If the response is from an official source then it counts. Anyone can doctor an image.

Evidently you never been a developer or translated anything. I was in past a developer during the yearly days of unreal engine 4. When you try to translate a project even of medium sized you need to go across thousend if not millions of small files of code. Finding where is the text variable and change it. The main problem get out when the text used is split in different sections like different descriptions for different stats. When you tired in particular due to lack of attention you can miss a few lines when you looking at a mess of a code in C++. Because your text to translate can be mixed with some other text that you don’t have to touch because it make the stats working.
I personally know Russian and Italian at native levels and did some translation work for some tourism agencies. Despite I’m good at both languages I did a lot of mistakes. But considering I was one of rarest who know both of this languages enough well they keep asking me to translate their work for Russian tourists.

So knowing the complexity of tweaking the text inside a code I understand the devs and why they need us to beta test those to find what they did wrong or what they didn’t payed attenction to enough

Web capture_5-1-2022_135149_steamcommunity.com

Since people are using this link let me elaborate on why I have my doubts.

In the case of this screenshot, I don’t believe this is possible that Roxx said here, I am wrong but, follow my thoughts.

Those who are experiente in this game will understand what I am will say here.

In this game the 1st char you create is your MAIN character, the game set an ALIAS make it a default, if you create another and want to make this the main char you can, but you need to enter the login screen and set this char as a default, but you only can this 1 time every 24 hours, this is a way to prevent some events be shared for multiple chars.

Saying this, most of those important items can only be got in the DEFAULT char, and I will make a bold statement here, the Founder’s Pack will be one of them.

In my point of view is impossible to split items of the founder’s pack in multiple chars, even if you have multiple Founder’s Pack, I bet they must be redeemed on the default char.

Well there are some policies in Steam it self when you sell dlc’s
For each dlc package you need to specify the content inside a dedicated page the same way you do when you sell a game.
Example of the page for platinum: Pre-purchase Lost Ark Platinum Founder's Pack on Steam
Each has its own page. In case you don’t give the people what is specified in the pack they are eligible for a refound. When you try to buy a package you don’t have but there are some items conflicting with another dlc you already bought in steam they need to specify what will be missing.
Desktop Screenshot 2022.01.05 -
Like this. When I try to buy another platinum it says I won’t receive the Lost Ark Closed Technical Alpha access because I already have it. In this case I even won’t receive the content of the platinum because I already have it.
So due to steam policy they are forced to give you items from each packs as specified in the steam page dedicated to such DLC. Otherwise they violate the term of services of steam and all who bought 2 different packs and don’t actually recieve double reward they are elegible for a refound. So they are forced to give you the staff in chests in order to ensure you get everything even if is a duplicate

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When I try to criticize someone and blame that he is doing a bad work. First I try to put my self on his place. If I had experience in specific field I have rights to criticize him for doing a bad job. But if I don’t know even about what I talking about I should not even express my opinion on the profesionality of a developer or team. I use my past experiences examples as explanation why I judge them the way I do “because I have experience in a specific field so I know the difficulties doing specific jobs”.
At the end of the day developers and publishers are on our side because they want to give us the product we deserve and want but some times is hard to do without our help.

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That is a very logical and solid statement and I am very interested to read a statement from steam support about this.

I believe in your logic and you convinced me, but an official statement is needed to clarify things.

I did the exact same thing as you but inverted, I ended up refunding my pack cause I like the original game too much. Still, hope you get value from them! :slight_smile:

I guess they are busy to finishing the release build of the game so they will tell us all what we need to know in 1 or 2 weeks

I hope so. :+1:

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Well I never get pass the Tier 1 even on Ru servers. I love the story of the game, I love the mini-games and side activities, I love nearly every aspect of this game. I even agree with the fact that we need to start from Tier 1. I personally don’t want to grind too much in tier 1 and instead do a completionist run before Tier 2 will be out. The game is huge and I want to experience it in English and not in Russian or Korean. So I will stick to it :smiley:

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I forgot to explain one thing in my last post here.

If it will confirm what you have said I understand how Steam works, but what I was saying before is…

Even steam delivery what they must in each DLC’s I cannot see how the game will redeem them, because the EMAIL mechanic I said before, in my opinion only one char in each account can redeem those items and I cannot foresee a way to split in multiple char, and email bound to a default char be able to be split, I cannot see how this is will be possible, be mechanic I said before exist to prevent exactly those kinds of things.

You know the in game ring mechanic? You aware that when buying new gear from auction house you can find different rings but with the same name? Well if you buy two rings with the same name you can have both in your inventory but you cannot equip them both. So you ended by moving it to another character or sell it back. Considering that skins are usually consumables. You buy them inside the shop then you left click them to redeem them for the character and even in some cases you can even resell them in the trading post for gold. Considering the comment in steam from Roxx saying that they will be in a chest this is probably a similar case. So you will be able to have 2 of the same type but you cannot use both on the same character

In the warehouse, you have a small space for the account and the rest is for each individual chart personal storage, but the problem isn’t the account storage.

The problem is receiving the email, if the items appear inside the account storage it will not be a problem, but that isn’t how it works, you must receive the email, and those kinds of items are character bound.

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Yep there is a serverwide-box. You can access it through the pet or through an npc. This has character storage and server storage. You can move what you want in this storage from one character, login in another and take them back. Some items though cannot be transfered because they can be account bind on pick up like biggest part of dungeon final reward gear while leveling.

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If it is the case, then it will be nice to have multiple founders pack, I hope so, but when doubts show, I think we need a more in-depth definitely statement.

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I see, but even when we get a straight answer isn’t a complete one, he’s statement doesn’t mention if the items will be Stackable, at least when I translated to English nothing was mentioned about this.

Just even in case the skins cannot be moved to other characters… Still founder packs ha a huge convenience margin excluding the skins. Here are my calculation based on RU prices: https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/rvkpyx/founder_pack_value_based_on_ru_servers_prices/
Probably EU/NA prices will be even way higher than this. So considering I will for sure play this game for a lot of time probably at least 1 year. I want them all because in any case I will buy the cristals later on as well as cristalline aura

I know you cannot stack multiple Founder’s Pack, but almost 6 months later not only me but other people still have doubts about the stackable items of the Founder’s Pack, in my opinion, a statement must be placed here.

[FAQ]( FAQ | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG (playlostark.com) )

Lets be hones here. They just need to update this page: Shop | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG
Add to all items previews and all info about everything. They may add a small FAQ at the end as well. But I think they will maybe do so when the actual in game previews for all skins will be ready

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All this discussion because @htfgamesstudio said he/she/it/alien (you never know these days) liked the game to buy 3 different Founder’s Packs.