When you've received your Bonus Founder's Pack post here!

As per this thread the new Bonus Founder’s Packs are on their way: Bonus Founder’s Pack Grants Update

If you’ve received yours please let everyone know!


My husband has already received his Platinum Package and Gold Package, but he cannot redeem it from the gift interface. They haven’t given me mine Platinum Pack yet T-T


Got my packages after restarting.

I received the Bonus Founder’s Pack but I got the Gold instead of the Platinum (I purchased and redeemed the Platinum pack). Are we supposed to receive the same type of Founder’s Pack or a different one?

I got mine but I have an extra gold one.

Do we not get the original Royal Crystals? :slightly_frowning_face:

No, you get way smaller amount (because they account bound so if you didnt spend old ones you’d still have it all)

I received one, but it’s the wrong one. Should have been Platinum but I got a Gold

If I bought 2 packages will I receive two?

I got all 3 of my packs

Silver, gold and platin

Is this bannable tho?

Bought Platinum and Gold.

Received Gold so far.

EDIT: Relogged and have both Gold and Plat!

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If you knew it was a bug, probably.
Would be counted as “exploiting a bug”

yeah thats what i thought

I only got the gold one.

The royal crystals arrived directly in my inventory (the 500) and the pack was invisible in the account inventory. I redeemed it by mistake when I redeem some crystals I bought from Marie’s shop, but it’s ok. I wanted it on that character/server.

I restarted the game while writing the above.

The platinum pack came through now :smiley: YAY!!

I got the gold one so far…

I paid for all 3 packs… play, gold, and silver.

Edit - Just recieved the Plat pack

Same here… i got the Platinum pack on release and now i received the Gold…

Quite a ridiculous compensation for any progress lost and Royal Crystals spent. Should’ve gotten minus the RC used of what we originally purchased.

Problem (for AGS) is that RCs are universal across all servers, so they’re “afraid” it will affect the economies on the servers they were already used on

did amazon mess up again? who else got dupes