Where are my 130Pheons?

What is this bullshit if you make a mistake then let it. I play from the begining and now all people who don’t work or can’t be online at 12 o’clock they get punished because you are not able to do it right. Everytime the same shit.


Someone got a little more than 130 XD
unknown (2)


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Nice one! Quite a phew pheons in stash for future
Thanks AGS!
Keep up the great work!

That’s nonsense. No one can score pheons in the thousands like that.

that shit is so fake, keep going so you take advantage of the dumb people in the community who will flame to that. such a trash…honestly

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It ain’t fake, a guy i know was on that night and it was really simple to make 1k pheons.
Literally the exploit was easier than creating a new character and deleting it, less time consuming.

So try to do a little research before taking a stand

The 9 is positioned incorrectly. Whoever edited it is not good at typography.

It’s also missing a delimiter, but you don’t even need to know that currencies always have commas/etc to see that it’s edited.

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Obvious fake.

There are no commas for the thousands place when every other currency on the tab shows commas.

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I would like my 100 pheons please

Always a guy I know did the thing, likely more fake than the fake screen shots. People absolutely claimed 100+ pheons but nobody has actually proven 1000s.

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Just let them FOMO more so they (let’s hope) quit… no point. You don’t need to have any knowledge in photo/video editing to see how many things are wrong there, in both of the ss.

Totally legit and not made in paint :slight_smile:

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