Where are my powerpasses?

Hi guys. I was saving my free powerpasses (N. Vern and Feiton), and with Arcanist released, I was planning to use it, but when I click “Powerpass” in an eligible character, it used to open the powerpass selection window. After this weeks update, it changed to the powerpass selling window and I can’t find the ones I had as if they had expired. When I tried it today to get a screenshot to post here, things got even stranger! Look!

What happened? How can I get my powerpasses back?

All passes are disabled while they fix a potential exploit. They should pop up again when this is fixed.

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Hello Heroes!

I hope you are having a great week so far and apologize for this inconveniences. Actually @Bluecogs has the correct information of the case these features are temporarily disabled.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help.
keep gaming!

You will likely find your Feiton powerpass has expired. Despite showing ingame as no expiry, CS pointed me to a forum post that advised there was indeed an expiry, and said there was “nothing they could do”.

Utter garbage, and I hope that you’re not in the same boat.

Oof same boat here. What a garbage company. I don’t read the forums; I go by what it says in the actual game where you’d expect things to be correct. My friends and I were on the verge of quitting anyway but I think this is the final straw. I have zero motivation to spend a billion hours doing the quest again or gimp my progression by wasting all my gold on Knowledge Transfer just to make up the progress I’ve now lost as a result of the failure of this company to properly communicate item expiration.