Where are patch notes ? :/

@Roxx can u confirm will we get the updates this week ?


Not even patch notes, just a release date.

The last 4 class releases in KR have had a release date announced 3 weeks to 2 months in advance.


There are several post and twits about this, they are not responding to any of them, they have said they are doing “excitement marketing” and they seem to think this is a good idea, all the players seem to want a date but they are dodging the topic so far, no CM has answered anywhere, the close to being adressed was a joke twet about patch notes…
Really bad communication from them :C


its @Roxx not rox

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what kind of marketing is that lmao


Patch notes tomorrow like normal expect them around noon PST (as that around the time they typically release it)

NOTE: im not 100% so take it with a grain of salt :slight_smile:

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hope we got the lancer this thursday


I am expecting them to announce it doing the pvp turnament. if they dont announce it soon people is really going to start malding. they cant keep silent for much longer.

Not gonna lie, no announcement for this hype marketing yesterday or today has me feeling very confused and depressed a bit. I don’t think update with LM/Glaivier is coming this Thursday.

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the dumb kind XD

Not even a release date!
Roadmap said “April” so this thursday could be 2 bug fixes for a 5 hour maintenance again.

There are still 2 more Thursdays in April and consider there has been not a single post on the Forum or Twitter I would assume that either they somehow forgot to announce the Patch or the new Class is coming next week/the week after


Patch notes drop as the patch goes live, even in KR. I think what you guys should be asking for, are trailers on the official Youtube channel or newsletters hyping up the upcoming patch!

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People are spamming the forums already if the patch isnt this thursday they should have said it. People expectations are through the roof.

As much as i want the Glaivier/Lance Master to release this thursday i feel like it wont. That being said if you expect the worst you wont be to let down, or if it does come this thursday everyone will be happy.
a simple confirmation on if its this thursday or not is all people really want, is that so hard?


yeah , i just need to hear the word :slight_smile:

i agree its not the hypest marketing, but i think twitter was one of them with their “Speak” and “roadmap” meme, and stuff like that.

Last month it was the day the login rewards ended.
That would be this thursday.

I wouldn’t expect patchnotes before Wednesday evening (EU Evening that is) / Night.
So far we have never got more than ~12h headsup.

I have definitely organized my thursday around an 8h patch (work before play - I usually work in the evenings if possible)…

I expect it to happen, but its honestly not that important.

Lancemaster would be my 9th char (still have 4 in T2) and South Vern is coming without its Guardian and probably without its Chaos Dungeons…
That leaves the Garden-like instance and a few onetime-gameplays on my 1340ies.
Not that important when it happens.

Way more important is, that the Events running out are immediately replaced - ideally with some Gold generation… - otherwise we will really get stuck between 1400 and 1415…


yea i think 95% of the players were assuming that the pitch will hit on this thursday because of the login rewards and the events expiring

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exactly and if it actually isnt this thursday them not saying its the 21th is just a straight up mistake.

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I am neither mad or sad about it i just think its funny how you hype people up and get so many people mad one week later again cause of bad communication :rofl: