Where are the patch notes - and why are things missing?

I may be blind and missing the patch notes - or the ones I’m going off are actually missing changes.

I’m going off of the following post being the basis for the patch.

However upon login I’ve noticed a few things changes that aren’t listed:

  • Tokens are now called Souls.
  • Team Deathmatch is now called TDM on the popup.

Granted these are small localisation changes - but this wasn’t listed on the above post which makes me think there could be additional changes that aren’t being relayed to us.

Please can you / someone let me know if I’m missing the patch notes and/or I’m correct in thinking that changed aren’t being fully communicated to us.

Also the bug preventing male characters from completing one of the welcome challenges was fixed.

I was just about to make the same post but noticed you did so adding my agreement that I do feel patch notes are incomplete.

  • The loading screens change to info screens instead of artwork.
  • Giving EUW the 10 day login bonus completion.
  • Lvl 30 chat restriction

Again mostly small changes/additions, but I am someone who also prefers actual complete patch notes especially after a weekly maintenance patch. It also shows transparency and trust to add every noticeable change in patch notes.

Then came the addition of the chat restriction, which was very unexpected for me.
As roxx just said this the day before.

There was no update, it was just implemented. So a big surprise logging in and not being able to chat.
I am worried that if these things aren’t being noted, other small changes like balance/shop/etc… won’t be noted either and that will make everyone even more skeptical of AGS.

Please me more thorough with the patch notes next time!

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Hello, I believe they have been focusing on server stability and networking so far, so the patch notes have been quite slim.
You can find most updates here: #official-news

This week, servers seem to have been highly improved so, I’m guessing they’ll announce scheduled content maintenance and updates soon.

I noticed a small QoL change. They moved the “spammer” category to the top of the drop down box so we don’t have to constantly scroll down when reporting the gold spammers.

I’m ofcourse aware that they have been working on stabilisation but mostly trying to point at the fact that during the weekly maintenance they added patchnotes which turned out to be rather incomplete compared to the changes made.
I don’t particularly feel everything needs to be said but important ones like " the chat implementation".

It might be seen as nitpicking but I just feel they should really try to be detailed, transparent, and inclusive.
Now it feels we were all playing detective to see what’s all changed.

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